4.5 5 0 219 219 If you love chocolate chip cookies - and seriously who doesn't - try this chip off the old block!
Post Original Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cereal Box
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It tastes really good. Would definitely recommend to friends!
It is awesome
I love the taste of this cereal. It taste like chips ahoy.
great cereal
This cereal tastes great but honestly tastes better out of the milk as a snack. I rarely eat this cereal with milk as the consistency doesn't ever seem right on the cookies unless you soak them. if you like tiny cookies and love snacks, try this by the handful instead of breakfast and you wont regret it.
Good cereal
This cereal was good but we thought it tasted like maple syrup instead of chocolate chip cookies.
Forget the other reviews! Literally! This is muuuuch better than cookie crisp EVER was. Absolutely tastes like how its promised! Chips Ahoy in milk
Cookies for breakfast? Yes please!
So so so good... cookies for breakfast! So delicious and yummy!
I love milk and cookies and this is the perfect combo of the two. I eat them often just out of the box for a snack. My only challenge is watching the portion size as they are a bit high on the sugar side. But truly enjoy them.
These were okay. They didn't seem to taste too much like the cookie itself, but it was still good. It was a lot better than the Nutter Butter! Those were so disgusting!
This is my family's favorite cereal and its good for the little ones the cookie flavor hocks' them in and I don't have to worry about it being bad for them
Yum! Just like cookies and milk! Wasn’t sure after the other cookie cereals, but this one is on point.
I personally didn't like this and i love chips Ahoy cookies.
I'm one of those adults who love cereal lol. And who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies?! This is a yummy cereal!
I absolutely love love m ve this product @! Would love to sample ..cant afford them right now :(
Great product. It taste very good and I love it. It is filling and I'd recommend for breakfast or a snack anytime wet or dry.
This cereal is amazing! My son loves it too. You can eat it as breakfast or as a snack. I like to keep some in a baggie in my purse for cookie emergencies.

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