4.5 5 0 219 219 If you love chocolate chip cookies - and seriously who doesn't - try this chip off the old block!
Post Original Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cereal Box
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My kids love this cereal. It has such a great taste and makes a great dry snack too.
I feel like a kid again! I can eat it by itself or with milk, so good
This cereal is my Hubby’s favorite breakfast! I like eating these as a snack right out of the box. They are great for putting into my kids snack bags for school. We all enjoy them!
This is such a good and fun cereal! Tastes just like regular chocolate chip cookies. I know cereal like this isn’t healthy but it’s nice to have as a treat!
I love cookies, and i love milk and cookies so this is the perfect breakfast treat!! I love this cereal!
I love cookies. Cookies and milk for breakfast I do say so. Love these as do my kids.
These were on sale at Albertson a buck a box. Couldn't pass that up! Thought thsy were going to be really sweet but they were not. Super crunchy, enjoyable flavor and taste just like the cookies. My entire house loved them!
Yum yum yum. Absolutely delicious and a childhood favorite! This cereal never gets old and taste so good. Absolutely recommend everyone go out and get you some chips ahoy! Yummy!
I just bought and tried this cereal and it’s great. Just like dunking cookies in milk. Love it!
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this ceral is just like dunking your chips ahoy cookies in milk these taste excatly like the cookies and we love it and i would deinftly recommand to anyone who loves chips ahoy cookies
It doesn't taste exactly like a chips ahoy cookie..tastes identical to cookie crisp cereal. it's the same thing. I'm not a huge fan, although my kids and husband love it!
This smells like coffee or something. I did not care for the taste. Not one of the kids would eat it. It went in the trash. Sad to have wasted my money. Love their other products this one just missed the mark.
Delicious, crunchy and sweet. They appeal to kids and grown up kids like me. Sometimes it is comforting just to have a bowl of cereal like this.
Would've been really cool if it actually tasted somewhat like Chips Ahoy. I'm not sure why Chips Ahoy's name is even there. It has a very generic cereal taste. Doesn't taste much like their cookies and the chocolate chips are just there for looks. You're better off pouring real cookies into a bowl with milk and calling it "cookie cereal." And please don't eat this every day, especially for breakfast--seriously.

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