Potato Crisps Chips Original

4.8 5 0 1294 1294 Crank up snacking moments with the outrageously delicious flavor and fun shape of Pringles Original Potato Crisps. The original, stackable potato crisp seasoned with satisfying saltiness from edge to edge. Always tasty, never greasy; Kosher Pareve; Contains wheat ingredients. Stack, snack, and savor at home and on the go; Pop open a can for sports games, TV watching, party time or any time. Includes 1, 5.2-ounce can of ready to eat potato crisps; Packaged for freshness and great taste. What comes next after the pop of a Pringles Original can? The crisp, tantalizing taste of potato that hits the spot every time. Insanely light, crispy and never greasy, each crisp is satisfyingly salty. With the convenient can, it’s easy to create your own snacking moments wherever and whenever. Bring a can for game time plus some for other Pringles fans. Stash a can in your work desk or pantry to eat anytime; Share Pringles at your next get-together to turn up excitement among family and friends. Get your hands on Pringles Original Potato Crisps for awesomeness that
Potato Crisps Chips Original


They are definitely plain like the can
It’s simple. It says a lot in the label that they are plain and that is exactly what they are. I would not buy these again. The only thing these Pringles have going for them is that they are salted other than that I’ll never buy. Not a fan.
My Favorite!
Pringle are my favorite potato chips. I have to be very careful when I open a container of Pringles, or I will eat the entire container of chips. Also, if you have never tried Pringles Original with Nutella, you need to give it a shot. The sweetness ad saltiness combine to make a great combination. I also love that Pringles is not greasy, they are usually all whole and not broken up like chips, and not too salty. My favorite flavor of Pringles is Salt and Vinegar. Pringles is definitely one of my go to snacks.
Love Pringles!
One of my absolute most favorite salty snacks! Especially easy to take on the beach ... stays fresh, easy to close and chips do not get crushed. Love the variety of flavors!
Pringles has been my favorite potato chips since I was a child. I do not eat too many potato chips since they are usually too greasy for me. However, I always have an appetite for Pringles. They are crispy, tasty and not greasy at all. I love their containers for keeping leftover in.
I grew up snacking on pringles. Especially taking them on road trips, vacations, to the park. They are a perfect snack to have around that isn't messy. Plus it basically seals itself up with the lid for easy access and closure. They are very tasty with some salt flavor to it.
Best stack chip
So far the best stack chip I’ve had. It comes in different flavors my favorite one would be the cheddar and sour cream. But the original flavor is also packed with flavor. Right amount of saltiness on each chip. Would definitely keep buying them.
Love Pringles
Great snack, I love the variety you can choose from.
I love pringles
Pringle’s are the best chip In my opinion, you just can’t stop as the commercial goes. Pringles brand is improving with different flavors but you can’t go wrong with plain chips.
kids favorite snack
my kids absolutely love pringles above all salty snacks but its a once a month treat due to finances, lol.
Love Pringles
Every time I buy these I have to get an extra tube as my son will just devour it. He loves so many of them, the sour cream, the BBq, and the regular. Still haven't found a flavor he does not like.
my favorite
my teeth went bad seeral years ago and these are theonly chips i i can eat on a regular basis without having any pain afterward. ilove the different flavors and the price is great too
love them
These are the best chips ever. I've been buying these for years and always will buy them.
Salt Heaven
Pringles are an absolute classic and taste great so I have to give them 5 stars. I will say that I remember them not being so salty in the past but it's a junk food to be eaten in moderation for a reason!
Love love love
So good! These are truly addicting! A great snack.
Great taste and
I like Pringles because they have a unique texture, are crunchy, and have the right amount of salt. However, what I enjoy most about the brand is they are easy to travel with. I can put a canister in my carry-on and be confident that when I am ready to try they are not crushed like what happens to the other bagged brands.

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