Potato Crisps Chips Original

4.8 5 0 1484 1484 Crank up snacking moments with the outrageously delicious flavor and fun shape of Pringles Original Potato Crisps. The original, stackable potato crisp seasoned with satisfying saltiness from edge to edge. Always tasty, never greasy; Kosher Pareve; Contains wheat ingredients. Stack, snack, and savor at home and on the go; Pop open a can for sports games, TV watching, party time or any time. Includes 1, 5.2-ounce can of ready to eat potato crisps; Packaged for freshness and great taste. What comes next after the pop of a Pringles Original can? The crisp, tantalizing taste of potato that hits the spot every time. Insanely light, crispy and never greasy, each crisp is satisfyingly salty. With the convenient can, it’s easy to create your own snacking moments wherever and whenever. Bring a can for game time plus some for other Pringles fans. Stash a can in your work desk or pantry to eat anytime; Share Pringles at your next get-together to turn up excitement among family and friends. Get your hands on Pringles Original Potato Crisps for awesomeness that
Potato Crisps Chips Original


Stack, snack, and savor
you cant eat just one. whole family loves them. such great flavors too
Love them
We love Pringle’s in my house the kids love the pizza flavored and I love the cheddar ones so good for a midnight snack so delicious
Original classic
This is always and will always be my favorite Pringle flavor. I do enjoy trying the other flavors and limited edition flavors as well. Never disappoints. I do miss the honey mustard flavor and white chocolate flavors though and wish those would be brought back really badly. Also if you follow me I will follow back.
Pringles are always a great snack. It's one of my sons favorite. They are light, and the flavors are great. They are a chip you can't just have one of. Also it's a snack my kids like to play with and it's okay. I love when they make ducky lips.
The OG Pringles
I love Pringles chips! Not only do I like their packaging, but also the shapes of the chips! They are in a curved shape that added more texture to the whole eating experience. I like how they are all in the same sizes. And guess what, I tried using Pringles chips to build a bridge with my friends. It was lots of fun! Speaking of taste, they are crispy, crunchy and with the right of amount of salt. I can always finish the whole can myself within a day!
There Addicting!
I love these chips! I have to hide them away in my secret stash, otherwise my kids eat them. These Pringles have just the right amount of salt and there always so crisp. I can never just eat one, there so crave-worthy and definitely satisfy my taste buds! I love how many different flavors there are to choose from, these just get more exciting all the time. I really like the canister these come in, my kids don't hear a crunchy bag when I'm eating these in secret, therefore I can keep them all to myself! These are a must-have in my home!
Forget the others, pop the top instead!
Pringles have been a favorite for years. At a time when prices for chips are outrageous, Pringles has kept their products reasonable and not half full when you open them. They are our go to potato chip for lunches and snacks!
Favorite chips
These are my family's favorite chips. They never last more then two days in our house. I love that they come in a resealable container. And they always taste great.
Nice and quick snack.
Quick and affordable snack. Pringles is always a nice snack. There's nothing wild about them, but they are good.
Perfect for any snack time
This is definitely for anyone who loves to eat chips. When I buy this for my household they do not last long. There are lots of flavors to choice from, but my we love the original best. They are great to take on the go for any road trip, hiking trip, or beach trip.
Kids love them
Kids love them, great snack for the adults as well! Once you pop the fun don't stop, always pops in my head from the old commercials back in the 90s. Cant go wrong with Pringles!
Life savor when family and friends come
Love every flavor and delicious with dips always a party favorite on my list
Very crispy
These chips are crispy although not oily or sugary. They have a great flavor and are terrific for sharing.
A Timeless Classic
They're simple for when you're craving salt, but delicious. They don't take away from the flavor of any dip you put them in. If you want to put them in your sandwich for an extra crunch, they're perfect for that too.

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