4.8 5 0 31 31 Flavored with Bacon and Provolone.
Prego® Italian Sauce
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Adds a new interesting flavor to your pasta..bacon!
would love to try it , maybe its better than the one im using now. would love to try this product . Please send a sample to mr . Sherri Leach 34 Annadea Rd Brockton Ma 02302 Thank you very much.
I would really love to try this is sounds really good
I dont know about this product. I have never heard of the flavor and I don't think I would like this
This is my husbands favorite brand of sauce and I hope we get the opportunity to try the bacon probably tastes awesome and delicious in the sauce.
This is something that I want to try it's good with bacon in it everything yeast better with bacon in it... So I hope that I can't try this sauce ... YUM
slesyd looking for new flovors to add to my meals so yes i love to try to see if my family would like
I have not tried this product before but I am interested in trying it
I always use Prego , I am looking forward to this product
Love Prego. Want to try and give you my thoughts on it in a survey
It sounds very interesting and different. I would be willing to try it, just not sure in what way? What would it be good with/on?
I love Prego sauces,but I haven't tried the new bacon & provolone flavor. I love bacon and I love provolone,but I don't know if I'd like that combo.. Maybe if to use as a dipping sauce for a panini sandwich or club sandwich.
Have not tried this but would love to! We eat spaghetti a lot in our house and with bacon? Our family would eat this everyday of the week!
My boys think a day without bacon is a bad day indeed! They would eat this up!
I occasionally use prego when I find coupons for it.. but have never seen nor tried this flavor.

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