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Pringles Tortillas
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Tortilla Pringles
I was not a big fan of these Pringles. They had too much of a weird corn flavor, and the texture and thickness just weren't right either. Pringles should stick to what they do best...potato crisps.
Pringles Tortillas
Pringles has done it again! Major flavor and great for all the southwest dips during tv time.
Easy to carry as a snack
I like how handy and the convenience of the original resealable container. The taste is good but almost everytime half the chips are cracked or broken so they could be handled more gentle by the stores but it’s a little more costly for what I’m getting then just a bag of chips. The best pro would be resealable.
I looove mostly all of the flavours Pringles offers & this one is not an exception, the only differance is that this one is a bit thicker. However my fave out of all the flavors is sour cream and onion. They are the beeest. So crusty and tasty. These are my favorite chips eeeever.
These had a good flavor, just like tortilla chips. The texture was strange though, and they kind of fell apart as opposed to being super crunchy.
These make a great snack for kids and adults! My daughter loves them, especially the nacho flavor.
They are so good! My family cannot get enough of these chips.
i have tried them and love the spicy ones, great snack
I was so disappointed in this product. The chips were too soft, most of them were broken and broke upon being touched. The flavor was good, but will not buy them again for the too soft issue.
I really liked these Pringles. They have a perfect balance of salty vs. sweet. They are crunchy and would hold up to fine dipping into salsa!
These are delicious. I love the different flavors. The spicy ones are great you do that even need dip with them
They are good, but not as good as regular tortilla chips.
I LOVE these? They have the flavor of a tortilla in the texture of a potato chip.
i have tried several flavors of these and I love them all!
These are awesome, they have great flavor and my whole family loves them

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