4.2 5 0 48 48 Featuring delicious Peach Mango, Acai Blueberry Pomegranate and Dragon fruit Blackberry flavors, this variety pack delivers refreshing flavor inspired by exotic fruits from around the world.
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Oh but the aftertaste!!
Great way to get your protein count up there and the price was very reasonable. Tastes pretty good ice cold except that the aftertaste was awful!! I would recommend it to others who need to up their protein intake but definitely with a warning about the bad aftertaste! I wouldn’t personally buy it again.
Great taste
Protein2o Protein Infused Water, Flavor Fusion Variety Pack, 12 Ct has really delicious taste but also really good for you with added protein. I really like that it is simple to take on the go and portable
Great way to get protein
I had barratric surgery and always trying to get enough protein in. This product has a good amount of protein. It tastes good. I found that it was a little sweet and I liked it better over ice or adding a bit of water to it.
Great tasting
I loved this flavors water plus the added Protein! The whole family liked it-- i bought buy the bottle at Aldi's. I wish i could in the 12 pack!
protein water
This is a delicious fruit flavored protein infused water give it a try, a sweet and refreshing way of getting your protein after a workout
I bought this at Sams Club. I really liked the taste of the Coconut. it is sweet enough but doesn't contain much sodium only 150 mg. It is also a good source of protein, 15g.
I tried Protein2o at Sam's Club for the first time. I have a hard time getting in enough protein especially after weight loss surgery. They are a bit too sweet for my taste so I do add some extra water but after that, I do think that they do taste good and are a nice alternative to the normal milky shakes.
It's pretty good
It's got a good taste good flavor. good price I would buy again
This product is good and also tastes good. It hits the spot
Infused Water
This infused water taste so good you forget that it’s really healthy to drink. I have done stopped drinking soda know because I love how this tastes and makes me feel better after drinking it.
fora drink its not bad the sweetner is a bit sweet but no so much it makes your cheeks hurt.
have tried different flavors of these drinks, white one tastes the best and has less artificial ingredients.
After Taste
I wasn’t impressed. They had a horrible after taste.
This water seemed to me to taste a little tart for my likings
Not Impressed!
My daughter wanted to try these as she has tried many different brands of flavored waters. Neither her nor I was impressed with the flavor of these. They seemed to leave an after taste.

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