Pure Via Stevia All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener

4.2 5 0 130 130 Whole Earth Sweetener Company brings you Pure Via Stevia All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener, an all natural zero calorie sweetener made from the pure, sweet extract of the stevia plant. A natural sweetness without all the calories, Pure Via delivers deliciousness to all your favorite foods and beverages. Perfectly crafted to sweeten your morning coffee, fruit, and cereals, Pure Via naturally replaces sugar for most recipes. Enjoy!
Pure Via Stevia All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener


This stevia is a great product! I love using this over any artificial sweeteners. A much healthier option over sugar as well!
One of the better sweeteners!
I try to cut back on sugar so Iv'e been using Stevia for a couple years now and its one of the better sweetener alternatives Iv'e tried. I don't like the taste of any of the fake sweeteners and they normally bother my stomach so this is definitely better for me. I will say that the taste does take some getting used to, there is a slight aftertaste when you mix it in certain drink/food but over time you get used to it and I don't notice it anymore. You don't need to use a lot of it either for it to sweeten which is great.
Sugar substitute
I think it was a good sugar substitute that taste really well for us I’m concerned it’s just as sweet as sugar and it taste not that much different I can barely even tell the difference
My wife and I used this to substitute sugar in almost everything. It has the perfect amount of sweetness. I could only wish for a bigger box for a few dollars more. I would recommend this to anyone cutting sugar out of their diet.
Love this natural sweetener!!
Great product for people who want a sugar free product but don't like the chemical because this is all natural. Great for coffee.
Can t use sugar go with Stevia
I was on a diet. My son suggested Stevia. I use in my tea and other drinks. Instead of sugar. It helped me lose wt.
Tastes less artificial
I received a free sample of this product and liked it pretty good. It tasted less artificial than other similar products. I would imagine it’s pretty expensive. I would recommend it!
Just Ok
I like this Stevia sweetener ok but I can't get passed the aftertaste. It's like it is good at first and then it is not. I will not consider buying again unless improvements are made.
Okay product
This sweetener is good because it has no calories, but if I could change the flavor it leaves, I would, there are some drinks that I do not sweeten with this because it leaves a strange flavor so I do not sweeten my coffee with this, neither my tea.
Not as good as some others
This stevia sweetener is a little lacking in sweetness. One packet isn't quite enough. And there's a bit more of an aftertaste than some other stevia sweeteners.
Great taste!
This is fantastic stevia. There is no aftertaste, and one packet is enough to sweeten my coffee. I actually prefer it to sugar. I love that this product is natural and there aren't any calories.
Good substitution
I've tried this product because it was the only sugar in my grandmother's house and I used it in coffee which surprisingly I used less of the amount that I normally use then what I did in sugar. This helped me stop using sugar in my coffee and also helped cut the calories down in oatmeal, unsweetened cereal.. I like it. So if your looking to get OFF that sugar rush and craze try this out
Great substitute for Sweet N Low
If you are looking for something more natural to put in your coffee to sweeten it up, this is it. I use this in place of Sweet N Low and will never go back.
Got it to try as a healthier option for baking and a sugar substitue in general. I find theres a weird aftertaste and ended up throwing a big bag of it out. Only giving 3 stars as my hubby didnt notice anything and enjoys it
Not my go-to brand
I decided to give this a try after using Splenda Stevia for over a year. It's ok but has more of an aftertaste than what I have tasted with other Stevia products. I have returned to my Splenda one because it doesn't leave it on your tongue.

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