4.8 5 0 4 4 Q Tonic Water has been relaunched with a new pack and with more carbonation. This kosher certified product is said to be clean and crisp, contains quinine, is free from GMOs, and retails in a 16.9-fl. oz. pack.
Q Tonic Water
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Q Tonic Water Rocks
I keep several bottles of this on hand as it is the best tasting tonic water I have found. I experience frequent leg, calf and toe cramps - a few sips and the cramps are gone as a result of the quinine. Thank you for an outstanding product!
My search for Tonic Water in a glasbottle
I used to drink a lot Schweppes Tonic Water back in Europe but in the US they only come in plastic bottles & I only taste plastic. About 8 yrs ago I bought Fevertree Tonic Water at Whole foods for the first time. I liked that the Tonic was in a petite glas bottle & the tasteful design of the packaging. It tastes milder than Schweppes & contrary to the description above slightly less bubbly but has more finesse. The sweetness is also not overpowering like the typical American softdrinks & still it is also available in light, i.e. even less sugar (no stevia et al.) are used. I was definitely pleased & am a fan now. The only negative point is the confusing price. Wholefoods sells it for $5.99, Kress & Target for almost $10, Bartells for $6.99 (this week on sale for $ 4.99. WorldPlusmarket is the only store I know that sells single, but bigger bottles for $2.99
Great flavour and goes well with Gin!
My wife and I loved this tonic water. It has great flavour and goes very well with Bombay Sapphire Gin.
Nice Light Flavor
Enjoyed this product. It didn't have a weird aftertaste or fake flavor like some tonic waters do. Really my only complaint is the price. I found it rather expensive for what it is, but I would purchase again because it was good, if there was no cheaper, natural alternative.

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