Quaker Chewy Dipps Llama Rama Granola Bars

4.7 5 0 277 277 Quaker Chewy Dipps are an irresistible combination for a delightful snacktime treat. Each Dipps granola bar has a rich chocolatey shell.
Quaker Chewy Dipps Llama Rama Granola Bars


Sloth-Tastic chewy dippers have an amazing vanilla cream filling with a soft chewy outside. My kids love these in their lunch. They are only 130 calories for something sweet and tasty. Will definitely be buying them again
This is grainy and chewy and sweet and yummy. Definitely would not consider this a health food but a treat.
We love quaker bars. I buy all their flavors every week. I just purchased some last week.
It's Quaker!
Our family loves Quaker Granola Bars!! This is just another variety. It is a lot like the big chewy bar. with the added chip pieces on top. It's got the same great taste we all count on Quaker Granola Bars to have and certainly our my kids quick snack grab on the go .
Kids love them!
I recently bought these for my kiddos and they were in love with them! I personally found them to be a lil too sweet but my kids are obsessed and beg for them everytime we go shopping for more food!
Best Granola Bars for Kids
My boy have never wanted to eat granola bars. That was until we found these and decided to give them a try. They love the Llama pictures and the drizzle on top. Now they ask to take these for snack at school.
These are very good love the flavor not to hard the chocolate on it is yummy
My kids really love Llama Rama Quaker Chewy Dipps Granola Bars. They are the only granola bars that they will eat. They have great flavor and just the right amount of sweet!
Llama bars
My daughter loves these bars. Have just the right amount of sweetness and still healthy for her. Big part of snack time.
Yummy Snack
These are so cute and delicious. They make a perfect snack for on the go and my kids love the llamas. Perfectly chewy and not to sweet either. Glad they don't crumble into pieces like some other granola bars.
Great tasting granola bar that is perfect for the kiddos!
My kids loved this bar. They loved the flavor. They loved the name. It was a win win.
Love These
i love these, they are so nostalgic and a true classic of a childhood snack, they are yummy and a good energy boost. The only thing that I would say is the high sugar content for such a small bar, but for kids running around in the summer, its a great pick me up, kids love em and so do I.
Granola bars
My children absolutely loved these! Would definitely recommend these!
A must buy
Llama Rama's are a favorite in this household! I often have to hide a few aside for myself lol. Always fresh and delicious.
Great snack
Tried these a couple of days ago, was pleasantly surprised, I was looking for something sweet, it satisfied my sweet tooth!

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