4.7 5 0 147 147 Deliciously Nutritious Quaker Instant Quaker Oatmeal Protein Cup.
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Yummy & it’s a quick and easy breakfast. And it’s heart healthy.
They’re easy to make , vegan , gluten free and come with 10 different flavors ! Also very spacious and perfect for a healthy breakfast , on the go .
It was different.
It was ok but it really isn’t my favorite. I’m picky when it comes to flavored oatmeal. Overall it was a good product just not my favorite of flavors. If you like cranberries it would be perfect for you.
Easy for on the go!
Great taste , easy to take on the go ! If you have little ones for a quick meal or your blood sugar drops it’s great and very filling
Quick and delicious
Love this oatmeal for breakfast. It's perfectly easy for mornings when you are rushing to get ready. The flavor is great, especially with all the various textures from fruit and nuts.
this is packed with protein which is something i look for now and this makes a quick warm breakfeast in the morning time and it is healthy for you also which is something is a better for you breakfeat or snack which i do a lot
This flavor is great! It has a decent amount of protein. I just add a few more nuts to it or ground flaxseed to make it a little more rounded. It’s great that it’s portable, easy to make when you are in a rush to get out the door!
Great taste
Quaker Instant Quaker Oatmeal Protein Cup is great tasting way to start the morning off right with something that taste amazing but also gives you energy
Great for on the go
I love that they're sold at convenience stores because they're great to pick up on the go as an alternative to fast food.The taste & nutrition is great, but I do struggle with the increased trash that the cups produce.
Yummy to ur tummy
This product is a great way to start the morning.. The cranberries are really fresh and u can really tasty. It really does fillu up husband and son are picky eater and they love it.
Petty good
I tried the oatmeal. Usually oatmeal is pretty smooth but this had grains and I had to get used to the texture.
Quacker instant oatmeal with protein
Quacker oatmeal is always a good breakfast with lots of flavors to choose from, it fills you up and It's packed with protein to keep you moving on these early morning's! A+
Quaker protein oatmeal was good because I need the extra protein.
Fast and delicious
This is a very fast and easy way to make a breakfast that is good for on the go and it tastes great.
These are great for quick breakfast or lunch. They don't take long to cook and only require water. They taste really good too!

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