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Quaker Instant Quaker Oatmeal Protein Cup
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Excelente Quaker
Buena avena para el desayuno,ó mererienda para compartir con la familia y amigos.
Ok for a quick eat
I liked that this was easy to make, just add water to fill line and microwave. However I thought it had a weird protein powder after taste that lingers. I would eat it if in a hurry but would not be my first choice.
Very good
I love these little single servings oatmeal for work!!!
Great source of protein in a yummy snack
I love these Quaker instant oatmeal protein cups. They are a quick nutritious breakfast, afternoon snack, or energy source when on the go hiking or camping. I usually store a couple in my desk at work & throw them in our day-trip bag when we get the urge to get out of town. They are affordable, are offered in a nice variety of flavors & I recommend them.
Convenient meal/snack
I love these oatmeal cups because they are a quick and convenient meal/snack option. The product offers a generous portion that leaves me feeling full afterwards. Highly recommended.
Me funciona
Esta bien tiene buen sabor solo que esta muy dulce creo que tiene demasiada miel me gusta que tiene una buena racion de fruta quitarle azucar estaria mejor
Satisfying and Filling!
my husband LOVES this stuff! He likes the flavor and ease in preparation. Left him full and not hungry between meals. We may test this with yogurt and make as an overnight oats when it's not cold. Great item!
These are so easy to make, Taste great, inexpensive and my kids love them.
Tastes great. Quick and easy way to get a good breakfast on a busy day. Kept me full until lunch.
Very filling for a tiny cup with great taste!
I tried this Quaker Instant Oatmeal Protein cup in Cranberry Almond and was not let down. The taste of the oatmeal was really great, crunchy nuts and tart cranberries that blended well with the oatmeal. The size of the cup seems like it will be too small, but I was very full and satisfied by the end. Will definitely buy again!
I love oatmeal but these are absolutely delicious... full of flavor and healthy!
I normally eat Quaker for my decision of cereal and chose to try this out. It's the ideal feast in a hurry. The almonds and cranberries gave it an incredibly sweet taste. It had quite recently the appropriate sum as well.
If what you are looking for is a complete meal that fills you and you are satisfied for longer ... this is a very complete breakfast. Provides many nutrients and tastes delicious .. you can eat it whenever you want
Quick and easy breakfast
I think that this is a great breakfast item. I am always running to work and this is such a great item to grab and go. The taste is amazing and it has a little extra protein to keep me going.
I tried
My dad always buys these, recently I tried them. Good quick breakfeast. I like the little cups, no need to dirty any dishes, and good for microwaving at work.

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