4.7 5 0 182 182 Deliciously Nutritious Quaker Instant Quaker Oatmeal Protein Cup.
Quaker Instant Quaker Oatmeal Protein Cup
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Quater oatmeal protein cup
This had a better taste, than I through it would for protein I through it would be all thick and taste nasty but it wasn't
Best taste
Quacker Instant Quacker Oatmeal Protein Cup comes in so many different flavor combinations and is easy to make and healthy
I purchased this product at a convience store. I was looking for something to eat that morning that would be filling quick and nutritious. This fit my request perfect. I even got to use the microwave at the store which made it even better.
Great for busy mornings
This is a great option for a hearty breakfast on a busy morning. Filling and easy to make. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is the slight artificial sweet taste I experienced on all of the Quaker bowls.
Another yummy way to eat at the beginning of the day...
Breakfast is what starts your body working at the beginning of the day...so important meal.. This product makes that a yummy way to do so..and healthy...
Quick Breakfast
I tried this product and I thought it was okay. It was certainly quick and easy. I will purchase this product again in the future.
Breakfast on the go
Its awesome for kids when you are in a hurry and on the go you can take it in the car and don't have to worry about it getting spilled all over the car.
Great!perfect size! Easy to make any time. Good variety of flavors
Very hearty
I keep Quaker Instant Quaker Oatmeal Protein Cup in my desk for days I forget lunch. I love the combination of cranberry and almonds. It is very good and filling.
healthy and filling
I love these cups, perfect portion control.. delicious flavors.. good protein .. no messy clean up.. I would recommend to anyone who likes oatmeal to try this product!!!
yummy snack
it was a warm filling way to start my day, did i also mention that it is yummy!
Instant Quaker Oatmeal Protein Cup
I love theese to go quaker cups there easy,convenient and usually a good value when you are always on the go like my family there a great way to still have a healthy breakfast. they have a lot of flavor and a trusted brand. I would strongly recommend these and all the quaker cups to friends and family.
I love Oatmeal and this is fast when I don't have time to cook the regular, It has a great taste and texture. Lots of protein first thing in the morning to get your day started.
Love this ready in no time
Taste like you’ve been cooking it for hours. Full of flavors and very hearty in just one cup. Will keep buying this not just for my kid but for quick meals for my self as well. Definitely a big hit.
So Delicious
This product is so delicious. A great product if you are pressed for time but need a hearty meal. They are also reasonably priced and very filling. I still buy them and will continue to do so.

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