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Quaker Instant Quaker Oatmeal Protein Cup
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Good quick breakfast
My dad always buys these, recently I tried them. Good quick breakfeast. I like the little cups, no need to dirty any dishes, and good for microwaving at work.
These are really good and decent flavor choices. Easy to throw in my lunch bag for work. Filling
Perfect size
I love these right before bed. I don't have to add anything to them they're already delicious
Great for on the go
I usually eat Quaker for my choice of oatmeal and decided to give this a try. It’s the perfect meal on the go. The almonds and cranberries gave it a great sweet taste. It had just the right amount too.
Very delicious 😋, great for on the go breakfast, or nite snack, easy and, convenient, love it!
Super great and fills you up!
Love this product it fills me up and keeps me going through the morning! Taste great too!
We eT this all the time. Fast and nutritious. Priced reasonably. Kids like it.
Quick N Easy
These are the best for your morning rush. Grab and go that fits right in your purse if you carry one 🤗 perfect portions and full of flavor.
Good go breakfast
Loved the taste of the oatmeal—was a little disappointed that it spewed all over my microwave.
an awesome quick breakfast
I always love oatmeal in morning i use to use the instant cause it was fast just pop in microwave with a bit of milk never really had that just made homemade taste, but these protein cups are the best taste fresh as if mom just made it
Easy breakfast
My husband tried this and it’s an easy go to breakfast
Yummy oats
I love the Quaker instant Quaker oatmeal protein cup. I was raised eating oatmeal and have always loved the Quaker oatmeal. This one is delicious also. I like that it's convenient but it's a bit pricey.
Quick and delicious
I love the flavor, nutrition, ease, and satisfaction this oatmeal cup provides! My only downvotes are A. excessive packaging and B. price. The high protein is great, but keep in mind this is also pretty high carb/sugar.
Quaker is the best!
i love oatmeal. wholesome and healthy. so with cranberries and almonds it doesn't get any better. For me, this is a great day starter when it's kind of cloudy and cold. it gets me going in the morning and keeps me going all day. I love quaker!
Nostalgic and heart warming
Quaker Oats were a staple in our house growing up. It warmed us up on cold winter days and made us feel better when we were sick. Mom made it with love. Now you can make it in under 1 minute and still enjoy the same taste and feeling.I recommend this heart healthy breakfast.

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