QUICK SHINE High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster 27 Fluid Ounce

4.8 5 0 59 59 QUICK SHINE High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster was specifically designed to restore the richness, color and beauty of your hardwood floors. This high-traffic formulation is fortified with the durability of pure natural plant-based carnauba to provide durability and UV protection to your hardwood floors. With its ready-to-use formula you simply apply to your clean dust-free floors and spread with a clean damp microfiber mop or sponge. Before turning to expensive sanding and refinishing, reach for the QUICK SHINE Hardwood Floor Luster to give your floors a like-new floor finish. Safer Choice - Safer for Kids, Pets and the Environment
QUICK SHINE High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster 27 Fluid Ounce


I use this product regularly on my hardwood floors. I love the beautiful shine it leaves!
Really worked on my hardwood floors. They look great!
Leaves floor better than before!
I use this quick shine floor Luster for my heavily traveled hardwood floors and with grandchildren it really is needed. This product works great and I feel like it’s a wonderful value for the wonderful finish that I get!
Shiny floors
This product works great on my floors!! And smells great too!
I tried this and it does better then the swifter wood floor jet , I would use this again, since I have some wood floors in my house.
Very good on floors
I love this, I have had wood floors and it makes them shine.
Floor shiner
I bought this at walmart and I love it I have wood floors and I use this after I wash them it's better than second them The floor shines like it has been polished I can't live without this product I refer it to all my friends
Absolutely AMAZING!!
I use this every time I sweep and mop my floors. I love the way it makes my floors look. It's been awhile since my hardwoods have been redone so they are they don't have glow like they usually do when they at first and my floors also have scratches because I have dogs. When I use this stuff my floors have that glow like they look brand new and you can barely see the scratches. IT'S AMAZING!! I can't live without this stuff!! I always 2-4 bottles in my house at all times.
Like this product
I have hardwood floors and I love the squirt and go version. It makes me floors clean with a nice even shine
Brand new!
Oh my precious hardwood floors, definitely I paid a small fortune for them. So I must keep them shiny and in great condition. This product is all I could have asked for. It restores my floors and they look like brand new!
Leaves my hardwood floors clean and shiney.
The best
It was my 1st time trying it on my hardwood floors and having kids and several pets,thr floors can take a beating and this has helped alot
Leaves floor gleaming
Your floor will shine like a diamond, using this product! The final outcome is almost mirror like. I was amazed at how well it works. If course, the shine fades with wear but it looks pretty great for a few days.
Diamond shine
This makes my floors so shiny they look wet ! And it smells good too .. it is very slick so sick feet be careful .. especially when you come pff the stairs
Gorgeous results
I used this on our 90 year old hard wood floors. They were professionally refinished 25 years ago but had hard use with foot traffic, dog claws, etc. I cleaned them with Murphy's soap and applied 2 coats of Quick Shine. The floors are brilliant! Quick shine has a fresh scent, not pretroleum or other strong smell. I applied it with a cloth on my Swiffer (no bending). Dried faster in less than 20 minutes so I could do a recoat. Really easy to do a touch up on high traffic areas. I've also used this brand in their vinyl floor formula on my vinyl floors and love it. Also, can't beat the price.

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