Raid Essentials Ant Spider & Roach Killer 27 10 oz Aerosol

4.6 5 0 33 33 With new Raid Essentials Ant, Spider & Roach Killer, we've harnessed the power of essential oils, to make it safe* for use around children and pets, while still being quick† and effective for killing bugs. In fact, it's the fastest‡ plant-based roach killer. The formula is specifically designed with plant-based ingredients to kill bugs and is safe* to use in your home. Now you don't have to choose between being safe* or effective when selecting products to protect your home from bugs.
Raid Essentials Ant Spider & Roach Killer 27 10 oz Aerosol


Pet safe insect solution
I bought this because I have pets and small children. I love that it's safe around them and uses essential oils to help keep the ants and spiders out of my house. I used it around the windows and doors and it seems to be working quite well. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering. It seemed to dry quickly and didn't leave a mess. All in all I'm quite pleased
Tiny ants no more
Tiny ants just love my back brick patio. Tried this out this weekend on all those ants and no more ants. Works great.
Spiders no more
I hate spiders they completely freak me out! If they no longer existed in the world, well that would be perfect for me. Unfortunately they do exist so I tried this new aerosol for bugs and spiders and I haven’t seen one yet since I started using it! Definitely a win for me!
Raid Ant-Spider & Roach ... Pet Friendly
During the Summer and warmer months we have an influx of bugs .. We also have a dog and wanted a spray that would be safe around our dog. This bug spray fits the bill. It’s by Raid which is has been around forever. Works as it’s supposed to and zaps bugs in their tracks. Also, not messy the amount that sprays is enough and it doesn’t make a mess and is fast absorbing
Great choice
This product doesn’t have a harsh smell. It can be used while still living in the home. It works great to help keep out un wanted bugs!
Killer bug killer
It kills on contact, and there seems to be a residue that continues to kill.
Great bug killer
I got some of this since ants are bad this year and I used it worked great no harsh smell, and safe for dog and kids it price reasonable.
Pest products
I have used this product and it's very effective, compared to others I have bought for ants and spiders, its also safe for pets , which is a plus .
i love this stuff it’s safe and effective.. my cat didn’t mind nor was bothered by it the only thing it was a little greasy after sprayed but effective and good price
Raid Essentials Ant Spider & Roach Killer
Around my home we have some serious problems with spiders and ants and have tried a variety of insect repellants and killers but this one turns out to one the best than all the others. Our and and spider problem has been reduced by 90% after using this ant and spider killer and easy to apply with no horrible smell
Very good
I really liked this! Killed insects on the spot and didn’t leave a strong odor for more than a couple minutes. Will definitely be buying this again! And I would recommend this to all my friends and and family.
Works well
I think this product kills, but does not prevent bugs from coming out. Nice to have just in case a bug is in the kitchen or restroom. I tend to use it in spiders, roaches and some of the outdoor bugs.
I use this outside
So I bought this product to try to see if it would rid my outdoor seating area and around the pool of spiders and bugs and so far so good I havent seen a spider since I sprayed it and I plan on spraying agin after it rains
It’s a great product if you have pets n kids I felt safe spraying in house but the smell my son said for him was alittle strong I can’t smell that well but it did smell like big spray from what I could smell but it worked great and price range wasn’t that bad compared to others but love we could use with pets in house.
We just moved into this house that has spiders for roommates it drives me nuts!!!! I hate spiders they creep me out, my husband tried everything from commercial grade stuff and don’t work,we purchased this and let me tell u it’s awesome, I’d like to keep 10 cases of this stuff lol just in case within 2 hours they we’re going poof like magic

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