4.9 5 0 141 141 Rain-X® Silicone Endura™ was designed with the wiper blade consumer in mind. Qualitative focus group research provided insights to the top features and benefits desired in a wiper blade; consumers want it to be durable and long-lasting while consistently performing in a variety of temperatures and environmental conditions. From the icy cold winters in the north to the year-round blazing heat of the south, the next step in the innovation process was to develop a wiper blade that met these specifications.
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Worth it
I actually have these blades on my Mazda 6 as I type this. I will not go to another brand nor will I use anything other than rainX products. It is the best brand I have ever came across. My dad introduced me to the brand. Also, they may be a little more expensive than the others, but you're getting your moneys worth because they last longer and they are awesome wipers.
No residue after wipe
Love it . When there’s a monsoon out this absolutely does it’s job.
Awesome Windshield Wipers!
I absolutely love these! These wipers paired with my Rain-X window cleaner/rain repellant work wonders! I will never buy another brand again! I would recommend these to anyone!
Rain x wipers
My security in the road is really important for me when I’m out in the roads with my family. That if what this wiper make me fill.
Pretty good
These wipers work pretty good. They are a bit streaky but clear window as the wiper passes which says a lot living in the mountains.
Very Good
After trying many different wiper blades, I decided to try these. This are the best I have used. All others would jump or squawk across the windshield. Will be the only ones I will use from now on.
Rain x
I used to get the cheapest wipers. Until my older sister told me to tried Rain x wipers. Now they are the only wipers I use. Makes the windows a lot cleaner and rain just rolls of the windows. Less use of the wipers running.
Save yourself time and money!
Best wipers ever purchased. They have a longer lifespan and get the job done! Even in pouring rain you can actually SEE where you are going. A+++
a have them on my car now great in Florida with it rain all the time
Rain & Snow
Excellent wiper for the price. Good job when blizzard Conditions
Muy bueno
Me ase falta y trataré de probar estos nuevos productos
Rain X Silicone Endura wipers are awesome. They are on my car right now and this is the second set that i have had. I will never use another product again.
I've always bought rain-x but this last time I needed wiper blades I got these and definitely not disappointed! Best blades I've ever bought!
RainX blades
Okay so I actually love these windshield wipers. I had to buy new one couple weeks back and got these bad boys. When I first took them out of the box I was confused thinking I had to remove the whole box part to slide onto my wiper bar, but they were so easy to put on I was impressed. It took me longer to take my old ones off than it did to put on these ones. I also like that they are all rubber and there is no metal bar on these ones like the others.
the best
The best wipers I have used by far. Streak free! Amazing

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