4.7 5 0 35 35 Nourishing treatment primer cream is ideal for all hair types, especially dry, thick or coarse hair.
Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer Cream
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Love love love Redken. I have color treated hair and wouldn't use any other product. This is a must have before I blow dry. It doesn't strip my hair, weigh it down, and it smells amazing.
Ughhhhhh first thing, and really important thing, this stuff smells ah-may-Zingggg! I mean, if a product doesn't make my hair smell great, the benefits better make up for it! But you don't have to worry about that here. You get the amazing smell, + a quality hair Primer! Leaves hair soft, and glossy. Great product Redken! I'm sold.
I love this product smells great and isn't messy and my hair is dried so fast. Especially for someone like me that has hair down to their butt. A quick blow dry doesn't exist.
Excellent product thanks to Redken!! I could definitely feel the difference in my hair when I first used it.
My hair is dry and thick and this gives my hair a healthy and shining look and easy to comb or brush
I do not flat iron my hair, but I do blow dry. After using this product, my hair felt much softer, looked shinier and I got tons of compliments! I will definitely be purchasing this product again.
Love this stuff, make my hair soft and my hair dries fast. have less damage as well
Great product! Makes my hair look gorgeous everyday! Easy to apply and smells amazing!
My hair stylist used this on my hair once and I was hooked. I cuts down drying time, smooths my hair, and heat protects, all in one. Recommend!!
I'm a hairdresser and I use this product on quite a few of my clients. I also personally use it atr home. I love how it tames the flyaways, keeps my hair soft and silky.
I loved this Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer Cream! My flyaways were nonexistence and my frizz was tamed down! My hair didn't feel crunchy. Other products have made my hair feel like I would break it off if I bent it in any direction. Love this tons and I don't know what I would do without it!!!
I CAN'T believe they made this for me. Lol such a time saver for my whole FAMILY and smell GREAT.
Me gustaría probarlo ya que es para el cabello seque rápido y es buena marca
I really enjoy this product. Really works you should give it a try. Redken products are always amazing!
Works very good feels nice. Isn't to expensive smells good to I love this product

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