4.7 5 0 216 216 Nourishing treatment primer cream is ideal for all hair types, especially dry, thick or coarse hair.
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Sounds like a good product . Never used any Redken products so I'm interested in trying
I have not tried this. But I would love to !!! Please send sample
Would love to review this and see how effective it is.
Have not tried this product but Redken makes great products and would love to try this product.
I’ve. Ever tried this but it seems like such a great product to tame all your good and bad day hair issues!
Never heard of it... I'd love to try it I have such thick hair so much so I have it thinned twice a year
I would love to try this primer! my hair needs this !
Redkin product are amazing.cant wait to try this one
I have not tried redeem pillow proof express primer yet
Havent tryed this but would like to i have really long hair i always pull in up hate drying my hair
I have not tried this product before. It is interesting to try in the form of an aerosol. I should try it!
I would love to try this product. I think that it would be a winner. Thank you.
Oh My! I have never saw this but I would Love to register to try this product out in exchange for a product review. I have never seen primer in aerosol before..
I'm a constant blow dryer. I need a product that isn't greasy or filmy. The last thing i want to do is wear a black shirt looking like I got dandruff! I read great things about this! I want to try it!
I would love to try this product. I have hypothyroidism and take several medications. Both, of these make my hair extremely dry and brittle. I could definitely use some volume too! I have read some good reviews about this product but, I would really like to try a sample before I run out and buy another product. Hoping for an opportunity to try! Thanks so much

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