REESE’S Stuffed With PIECES Holiday Candy

4.6 5 0 694 694 This masterpiece of snacking glory looks like a traditional REESES Peanut Butter Cup but is in fact stuffed to the brim with delicious REESES PIECES Candies.
REESE’S Stuffed With PIECES Holiday Candy


Must try
I’m not a fan of peanut butter but absolutely love this.
Pieces & Reese’s! Whoa
Reese’s are top 3 candies for me. And they added in Reese’s Pieces! Whoa! The crunch with the smooth peanut butter is awesome! Love
Best new candy bar!
I absolutely loved this candy bar. How did someone not think of this long ago? Let's face it candy market is pretty saturated and buying something new can lead to disappointment. I must say Reese's got it right with this new twist on a American classic. I hope enough people discover this new favorite of mine so it stays on the market.
Not my preference
Well, everyone is different, so some may prefer this candy - I was not a fan. It felt like this candy was trying to do a bit too much with the Reese's Pieces offered inside. It just had too much going on and I missed the regular, smooth taste that a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup has. The Reese's Pieces inside were too plentiful and I found the whole thing too sweet. I love a regular Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and I do like the Reese's Pieces Candy - I will continue to enjoy them separately - together didn't work at all for me.
I haven't meet a Reese's that I didn't like. I love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. I love how the chocolate is so creamy it just about melts in my hand right before it melts in my mouth. Yummy.
I absolutely love this kind of Reese's. I love Reese cups and I love Reese's pieces so combined it's like double fun for my taste buds.
Love it!
I really love this candy. The same great taste of the original Reese's with crunch. Yum!
Not a fan
Regular Reese’s is much better!! Reese’s is supposed to be peanut butter and chocolate, That’s it!!
was ok
It tasted okay but was just weird to have the pieces inside also. Didn't really get why
It was delicious.
Especially the dark chocolate. It was just the most tastey
So Good
REESE’S Stuffed With PIECES Holiday Candy was so good. Not to sweet and the pieces of candy was perfect. Bought some just to have handy.
REESE’S Stuffed With PIECES Holiday Candy
I really wanted to like this, but it just had too much going on. It took away from the Reese's cup I know and love. I'm not sure I would recommend them or eat them this way again.
Tastes pretty good and does not disappoint. These are great for kids to eat as a small snack. Not too sweet and not too salty/peanut buttery either. Definitely recommend buying.
These are so incredibly Good! I have them in the regular size and in the mini as well! They found the way to make Reese’s better, which j thought was impossible!
Taste great
I really prefer crunchy foods so the crunchy candies inside are a real treat. I will definitely be buying more of these

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