Reese's PB Cup Dark Chocolate Thins Pouch - 7.37oz

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Reese's PB Cup Dark Chocolate Thins Pouch - 7.37oz


Hell yeah
They are amazing & I'm not a big fan of the dark chocolate but these are awesome & I love them.
Very good
Very good product and very good quality. Good taste
I prefer more peanut butter
My husband is actually the one that picked these up. I stole one of his. He loved the chocolate to peanut butter ratio and says there’s too much peanut butter in the regular Reese’s. As expected, these have much less peanut butter than the regular, but the Reese’s chocolate is really not good enough to enjoy without all that extra peanut butter. These were ok, but I would never choose them over a thicker Reese’s treat.
Great yummy on the go snack
My favorite candy. These thinner versions are easily chewed i have dental work so its hard to eat the normal sized cups. Way to go on making these easier to eat and packaging too
Not enough peanut butter
These are so good they are practically chips! Which is not good at all because I sit eating the whole bag not even realizing it. They definitely need some more peanut butter though
A Favorite of Mine
This version of Reese's peanut butter cups is my absolute favorite. The ratio of peanut butter and chocolate - dark chocolate- is absolutely DIVINE! I like the size of these because they aren't as heavy as the regular peanut butter cups and I don't feel guilty if I eat more than one or two. Reese's has some of the best dark chocolate wrapped around the peanut butter they are known for.
Dark Chocolate Reese"s
I'm a huge fan of dark chocolate and these are just so tasty. They melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more.
Love Anything Reese’s
Reese’s did it again with a dark chocolate thin cup. I’m a dark chocolate fan so, I think the thin cup is a perfect balance of peanut butter and chocolate. Hope they don’t stop making these. Delicious!
Thin but good
I love peanut butter cups, yes who wouldn't,I buy this product every chance I can become it's so good.
I absolutely love Reeses, but I'm not a fan of milk chocolate, so imagine my excitement when I found dark chocolate! They are my absolute favorite candy. Not overly sweet, thin enough to get both flavors perfectly. Honestly I think these are better than the originals.
Ohhhh boy these are good
Got a bag of these last week for my husband and myself got to say these are really good might not want to share lol . Needs to have more in the bag but taste is great go grab a bag of these yummy treats.
The true Reese's!!
Love them!! Not so much chocolate ..more of the peanut butter taste. Yummy to the tummy my boys say( ◜‿◝ )♡
Missing the PB
If you love chocolate more than peanut butter this is the Reese’s for you. I was deeply missing the peanut butter taste of a typical Reese’s!
Thin Reese's
I love Reese's and dark chocolate....but the dark chocolate is a little much in this case. There is not enough peanut butter for the amount of chocolate. It's like eating a thin piece of dark chocolate. Still good; however, it's not what you think you will be eating with Reese's.
Not a fan
I bought the thins to try I am in no way a fan of the dark chocolate it was bitter. I liked it being thin because I am a diabetic it helps with the sweet cravings

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