Reese's Stuffed With Pieces Candy

4.6 5 0 716 716 This masterpiece of snacking glory looks like a traditional REESES Peanut Butter Cup but is in fact stuffed to the brim with delicious REESES PIECES Candies.
Reese's Stuffed With Pieces Candy


A great snack
I love this chocolate peanut butter treat it is good and cookies or by itself or just in a bag this year with friends and family it's a great movie snack it's just all around Great neck
they are good for me. i love Reese's they are my favorite candy. i got one with out knowing they had the pieces in it till after i ate it. then i looked at the wrapper. i would recommend to anyone who likes peanutbutter.
Yummy Candy
Sweet and savory chocolate with a crunch! Can't go wrong with one of these for a chocolate and peanut butter combo!
Peanut butter heaven
Infatuated with these!! I love reeces pieces and I love peanut butter cups! The fact that they tast different separate as they do together is crazy! I love the crispness of the pieces when I bite into them.
Very weird
I don’t really care for Reese’s pieces as it is, so I’m not sure why I would expect to like these. But they weren’t terrible. Just bizarre.
I am not a big fan with them being together. They don’t go together very well
Great Chocolste!
Bought a bag yesterday and they are excellent and delicious bites to satisfy your chocolate craving !
Good But A Little Too Much Sweet For Me
When I review candy, I always start by pointing out that I don't eat a lot of candy and sweets are not my favorite. That said, I do like to try a new candy if it's interesting looking. That's what got me here. I think it's very tasty, but I was over it in a few bites. It was incredibly sweet as I would have expected. My stepdaughter loved it, but she doesn't like anything that isn't sweet. I'd buy it again for her, but for me personally, it's way too sweet.
Very good want more got to have more give me more
favorite candy ever
reese’s are my all time favorite candy and now they have reese pieces inside! so good and worth the hype! you have to give these a try. you won’t be disappointed
Awesome combined
I thought that the original cups were good but these are amazing. Being a fan of both of the peanut butter cups and reese's pieces. Combined it makes your taste buds go crazy.
ok candy
I tried these because I love regular Reese's and I like the pieces but together it was just meh. Weird texture and boring taste.
Ruined Reeses cups
I enjoy reeses pieces and love reeses peanut butter cups, but these are hard and nasty.
My favorites combined
I’m a huge Reese’s pieces fan and the peanut butter cups so to have them combined is a real treat for me. I like biting into the soft cup and having a bit of crunch from the pieces. I could eat more than two cups. I love them.
I love Reese's cups and I love Reese's pieces but I do not like them together. It was not that great and it was disappointing.

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