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Refresh® Digital PF Lubricant Eye Drops
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Burned my eyes.
This product burned my eyes. The burning feeling started within a few seconds and lasted about 10 seconds. It did not feel soothing or lubricating even after the burning feeling went away. I am not sure how to improve this product.
Dry Eye Relief
I mostly used the Refresh drops in the morning, when my eyes are red and dry from my allergies and sinus problems. I also used them at the end of the day after looking at a computer screen all day. I will definitely continue to use and buy this product!
Great Eye Drops
The Eye drops are great for my eyes. I suffer from mild dry eye and it's awful. Especially when the weather changes and it starts getting cold. I really like that the pack came with multiple vials so that I could leave them in my purse and use them on the go. When I needed something the most, before or after driving, I was able to use the eye drops and focus on the road.
Loved it
I am on my computer all day working, my eyes used to water because of that. After trying the refresh digital pf it makes my eyes look fresh and it doesn't strain much.
Love these
I love this product. I don’t get the best sleep with having a baby. I use this product every morning so my eye do not look so bloodshot. This product works wonders for me and helps me look like a normal person again and I love it.

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