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Renuzit Snuggle Enchanting Tropical Scented Oil Refill 2pk
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Renuzit Snuggle Enchanting Tropical Scented Oil smelled awesome! The oil comes in a glass jar. It is definitely thick and strong and the design itself is sleek. I used this is my kid’s room. My kid is very active and sweats a lot. As you can imagine, her room is isn’t the best smelling kid’s room. I usually use Glade plug-ins in her room but they just add to the smell and fades out within a month or so. I switched it out for the Renuzit plug-in and I could instantly tell there was a difference. The scent is wonderful. It is strong enough to overpower the old sweat smell that lingers in my child’s room but isn’t too strong to where it is overpowering for the nose. I still have yet to see if it lasts as long as it guarantees but I love the product so far. I will definitely be buying this brand.
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Blows competition away!
Works great! Still going strong. Tropical is a nice fruity clean scent. I think the renuzit is better by far than the mall store plug ins. Last longer. Smells stronger.
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Snuggle renutiz. Scented oil plugins
I love my snuggle renuzit enchanting tropical sentence smells so amazing an i will definitely recommend that everyone at least trys it you won't regret it
  • Home Tested with free product
tropical bliss
i love this one brand and scent my house smells like im on the islands
It has a amazing smell. Makes your house smell very fresh making it more welcoming. I liked most how it made it seem much more fresh. I think they could make more improvements with more smells but I highly recommend.
renuzit snuggle tropical refills
oh my......we use a lot of these........and they smell so good.......ty.
House smell nice
I don't believe these work so I decide pick up this scent try it out and see what happen and have thing for Snuggle the bear. I plug into the family room I have extra large then normal room for it to cover. I could smell the island has I walk in now I want one for every room in the house.
I Love all product.The scent is long lasting and pleasant, without being overpowering.
Long lasting fragrance
Renuzit snuggle air freshener fragrance is long lasting, last up-to 90 days,the enchanting tropical is my favorite. I used in mainly in the living room and kitchen.Very easy to install.
Natural scent
I like that this Renuzit Snuggle Enchanting Tropical Scented Oil Refill 2pk has really nice long lasting natural scent. I found that they give off just the right amount of scent to make my home smell amazing
Love it
I used these at home all the time make the whole room smell and they lost a very long time
would love to try this sounds like it smells so good . Please send me a sample . Sherri Leach 34 Annadea Rd Brockton ma 02302 Thank you very much.

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