4.6 5 0 90 90 Welcome in family and friends with the inviting scent of the NEW Renuzit® Snuggle® fragrance line! Let the inviting scent of Renuzit® Snuggle® fill your home with warmth and happiness.
Renuzit Snuggle Linen Escape Fabric Refresher
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Love it
I love this air and fabric spray. Wish it smelled longer but I still love it
Great lasting scent
Renuzit® Snuggle® Linen Escape Fabric Refresher have really nice long lasting natural scent. I like that it is something that is functional but also works great with lasting scent
Smells AMAZING but
Because it's very, moisturizing? I suppose, with my area being very humid and moist makes everything stay somewhat wet that you can't escape except with vaccuming and washing what you sprayed. Will be great once it dries out, but for now I can't use it.
This is very enjoyable and easy to use. Leaves your furniture/fabrics with a fresh clean feeling and a wonderous scent!
This product is incredible. It keeps my clothes soft
Review of product
It works great for dog smells and cat smells not too strong
Perfect amount of scent
It gives the perfect amount of fresh scent without being overpowering like some competitor brand products.
It smells really good an does a good job. Really love it
reunzit fabric spray
Was okay but not ant better than other brands but did like the smell and the bottle
This product smell so good and it makes I miss you feel so gentle at the touch.
Loved the scent
Loved every part about this. Its just so easy to use and smells AHmazing
It's A Plus
Not only does it smells great,it does what says it does. Not bad price either
Love it
This stuff is really good.j love it and the way it makes my clothes smell
Like it
Like the smell and this is the only one my younest can use that dont have the smell over powering that she is able to be around it
Wish it smelled like Snuggle Fabric Softener
The product itself isn't bad, I just can not get used to the smell. It is way to strong, and there is just something about the scent I do not like. I honestly thought it was going to smell like Snuggle Fabric Softener but I was disappointed to find out it smelled nothing like it. Once the smell wears off a bit it's not so bad and does do a great job of refreshing fabric and getting rid of odor.

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