4.6 5 0 90 90 Welcome in family and friends with the inviting scent of the NEW Renuzit® Snuggle® fragrance line! Let the inviting scent of Renuzit® Snuggle® fill your home with warmth and happiness.
Renuzit Snuggle Linen Escape Fabric Refresher
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You wont be disappointed...
Snuggle fabric softner just has that mellowing,calmimg, aense to it.. Well now it is on the move foe anything & it refeshes the amazing smell ....
Smells good
I just love the smell of the snuggle products. Been using it for 6mos. Love when I'm doing the laundry and air freshener in the bathroom. Esp this fabric spray! I feel like i can sleep better with the smell of this on my pillow and linens. I would definitely continue buying these
Smells good!
Snuggle spray fresher smells amazing. It takes any foul smell and turns it into a wonderful smell. Use it on your sports uniforms or shoes or clothes that smell bad or evern just spreY it on your furniture or I. A bad smelling room. It works wonders. I will definitely recommended this to my friends and family.
This smells amazing
This smells amazing and really controls odors I use it on all my fabrics
Smells great
It smells wonderful love it I have told all of my freinds to go and try it
Great smelling
I love this snuggle fabric refresher. It smells great and lingers a long time after you've used it. I'd recommend to anyone who loves having their home or car smelling fresh.
Smells amazing!
I love Snuggle products and this new fabric refresher is my new to go product. I love when my linen smell fresh and clean. Thanks to Renuzit Snuggle Linen Escape Fabric Refresher I can make my linen smell amazing in a jiffy!
Smells so good
I love the smell. It also stays around for awhile. I use this on EVERYTHING!!!
Freshness all day
This product leaves your house fresh and clean smelling all day. It refreshes fabrics without damaging them.
Fantastic product. It gives your clothes such a fresh scent. it gives everything a clean and fresh scent.
Smells wonderful!!!
I love all Snuggle products! This Snuggle fabric softener works well & smells so heavenly!! Snuggle products never disappoint!!
Great smell
This Snuggle Fabric Refesher smells really good, I sprayed this at work as I work,in my car and home. The scent smells fresh and relaxing, no one seemed to mind it, I personally love the smell. The scent last for a couple of hours on fabric which is nice. This is a nice change from other brands.
Smell Like Its Never Been Warn
I Use Renuzit Fabric Freshener On Our Furniture On The Boys Jeans That They Have Only Worn Once ,On Their Fav Jackets They Hate Us To Wash , And It Leaves A Clean Refreshing Scent On Them Like They Have Never Been Warn Yet .We Also Use It On Our Curtains Through The Winter
Super fresh
This spray works great has the snuggle type smell an i love the smell nice an clean i like this over febreeze now an cost is usually much better if you tried it an like this type of sprays you will definitely not be disappointed at all an it last smelling fresh not like many brands that fade in minutes an the way made it not over powering it fades in an smells natural an good
Love Snuggle
I love the smell and freshness of this product. Can use in any room in the house.

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