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Renuzit Snuggle Relaxing Lavender Automatic Spray Refill
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Love lavender scents
I love lavender scents in candles, fabric softener anything lavender I love lol with this plug in is perfect you don’t have to worry about turning off a candle of anything just plug in and last a long long time.
Plug in lavender refill
I loved that this product left a long lasting lavender smell in my house! It was great to use in the bedroom as it is a relaxing scent!
Lavender lovers
I absolutely love this air freshener! I love lavender and find it so very relaxing. This keeps my house smelling fresh all day long.
Love smells amazing
I bought these to use at night to make me and my kids more relax and tired at bedtime, and they really do work, the lavender smell is so relaxing and smells so good, the fact that it actually makes my kids tired is a game changer for me there so hard to get them to relax at bedtime so I'm very happy with using this ! Love snuggle products
Great product
I bought a handful of these and was hoping it was better then the other brand I was getting.. Yes it was so much better, Each room has one in it and the smell is just so relaxing. Not overly strong but leaves a nice smell threw out the house ! My new Favorite product
Love these in the bedroom and kids room. Relaxing and not overpowering. Put in the bathroom to de stress during a bath! Easy to use and lasts a long time! Great for a gift basket for family and friends.
I love pulgins and i love lavender. My home smells great. Like i have home full of lavender flower plants.
Love it
I like it a lot. But air wicks are best. I just wished they had a bigger variety of smells for theirs.
Renuzit snuggle lavender oil
This Smells very good and refreshing. I would recommend this to everyone.
Not great...
I'm not a huge fan of this product. Only because I feel that it's not strong enough. I like my air freshener to fill the whole room with scent and this product doesn't. If you are someone who enjoys very mild scented products then you might like this product. You have to be right near it to smell the product. However, it smells very nice and lasts a long time.
The smell is great and the smell last for a long time
Love this product
I love everything about this product! I especially love everything about Snuggle brand products. This lavender smell is excellent and makes my home smell so fresh and relaxing.
Have a great smell love it
Love it !!!wonderful sort of make me sneeze but the smell is absoulety wonderful I do recommand it
Lovely Lavendar
LOVE ALL THINGS SNUGGLE! Great smell, you know exactly what you are getting. Relaxing Lavender is just that! The smell is spot on with the title! Lasted about 2 weeks!
Lasting smell
The scent is not over bearing & price is reasonable.some I've smelled are loud & fast using,the light smell,not in my book.

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