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Renuzit Snuggle SuperFresh Original Scented Oil Refill 2pk
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Fantastic scents
I absolutely love the scents! They have my entire home smelling amazing. The smell is just strong enough that I can smell it as soon as I come downstairs but not overpowering at all.
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You need this!
Renuzit Snuggle SuperFresh original scented oil really surprised me. It's not an overwhelming scent. Very fresh and clean. I definitely give it 2 thumbs up :)
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Nice, fresh scent!
The scent is enjoyable and definitely covers a good amount of space. I think, however, that the scent covers an area well beyond what I expected it to, which makes it difficult if you want other scents in different rooms/sections of your home.
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Really nice long lasting scent
I love the scent and that it's a plug in that lasts up to 90 days. I like that it's refillable so you can easily change out scents.
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Snuggle smells amazing!!
Smells awesome - made my house smell so homey and cozy - Its plugged in at my dining room and I love it. It really makes my whole house smell really good and isnt overpowering - just a gentle and plesant smell.
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Amazing smelling home
I plugged the Renuzit Snuggle in and could smell it right away. It took about 45 minutes to spread through the down stairs rooms. The scent actually even reaches up in the staircase. It smells amazing, like I'm doing laundry. The scent is super clean and refreshing. My house smells like a fresh, clean spring day. I love it!!!
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When I received Snuggle SuperFresh scented oil I was super excited.I love all Renuzit's scents and purchase them often.I new because of there quality products it was going to be great however what I didn't know is that this scent was going to be unbelievable!!I love plug-in's,wax melts,air freshener's and candles.I bet you could name any brand and I have tried most of there scents.Without a doubt this is hands down the greatest scent.It is so fresh and clean smelling.I put it in my bathroom and it is literally all you can smell.
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Perfect Smell
This product was lightweight. Absolutelyy LOVE the smell. I had it on high and it was very strong. Had to lower the diffuser..which is NOT a bad thing. I had it plugged in one room but it actually filled the whole house with scent.
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Snuggle your way into freshness!
It's awesome! The scent is wonderful, lasted a long time. Wasn't overpowering.
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Great job on litter box smell
I plugged this in downstairs, in the room I keep my litter box. It has kept the whole downstairs from smelling musty and you can't tell there is a litter box at all. But, the plugin smell isn't to overpowering. It just has a fresh smell.
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Overall great scent for all seasons
Once I recieved Renuzit Snuggle Superfreah Original scented oil I was happy with another more simpler and cleaner option to making my home smell great. I had a bit of malfunction as after the second or third day of plugged in it started leaking. The day i plugged in it smelt amazing. My home is under 1000 sq ft and ive gotta say there isn't one place in my home that does not smell like snuggle superfresh. I love it and although the plug in does start getting real hot and doesnt seem to cool down it works well. By day 3 the scent wasnt as strong as in the beginning and now moving into having it plugged in almost a week the scent is there but not strong which is fine with me
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Great smell! Long lasting
The plug in smells so good. It seems like every time I walk into the room I smell it. Seems to work better than the other plugins I’ve used in the past. Very pleased.
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Convinced buyer
I used it in the room where we keep our dog kennel and the cat litter and it smelled so fresh in there.
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Just ok
Somewhat disappointed. These cartridges don’t fit real well in Renuzits oil warmers. Scent was okay at first, now I can’t smell it and the cartridge is still full.
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Good if you prefer a very strong scent.
I was really excited to try this product. I was somewhat disappointed with not being able to know what way to turn the dial to turn the strength down. Personally, the scent was too strong.
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