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Renuzit Snuggle SuperFresh Original Scented Oil Refill 2pk
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Love it!
I love the scent, and how it fills the room!! It’s amazing!!
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Best smelling stuff Ever 😍
The Renuzit Snuggle SuperFresh Original Scented Oil Refill 2pk smells so damn good especially when I leave my room and come back in. Hands down absolutely love it.
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Snuggle oil freshener !
This is my favorite brand for oil plug in air fresheners. I plug this in on one side of my house and I can smell the freshness throughout my whole house. The scent is lent overpowering but it definitely smells good. It lasts well over a month! I will buy this brand from now on. My other brand that I had didnt last nite then a week before the smell was gone.
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I don't recommend the original, doesn't smell at all like snuggle. Superfresh is wonderful though. Will be buying as needed.
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It's cool but not necessary.
The scent is very strong. I would not buy this product unless it was on sale or I had a coupon.
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No more smelly shoes
I am very impressed by this product. Usually the scented oils aren't strong enough to produce any difference, in my opinion. This one though, wow! It changed our entire hallway. It now smells wonderful and not like old smelly shoes. We keep our shoe rack in the hallway and that was contributing to the smell. This Snuggle SuperFresh Scented Oil is the only one that I will buy. Like their fabric softener, the smell is amazing and works wonders on odors.
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Husband Approves
My husband is normally picky with smells but he actually likes this scent.
  • Home Tested with free product
Renuzit Snuggle SuperFresh Original Scented Oil Refill. They have the house smell amazing
Best home fragrance
I absolutely love this scented oils. It leaves my home smelling fresh and lovely. It is very strong... in a good way of course. I buy this for all the rooms in my house. I always get complements on the scent of my home.
Love my snuggle
I enjoy walking in my house smelling good!! I actually have a plug in every room, no longer just my bathroom
smells just like fresh cloths
I love when i walk into a room it smells like i just did laundry and my whole home smells fresh all day long,
Amazing Scent
When I walk out back and smell the dryer running with that clean clothes smell, it's the best. Bring that fresh smell inside with these. My house smells fresh and clean but not overwhelming.
Snuggle Oils
Linen scents have always been a favorite of mine. The Snuggle oils are my go to and I have been buying them for many years now. It's not a strong scent but a clean, fresh one. They last a long time.
The Great Smell of Snuggle in an Oil Warmer
I love to use oil warmers in my home, as I have cats and am always worried about pet odors. I love that these Renuzit refils are universal refills, so I don't have to have a Renuzit warmer. What's best is that they smell like Snuggle and of course well all know that's a wonderful smell!
Smells great!
I really like this product however I don’t feel like they last very long. They are comparable with other brands though. I feel like all plug ins only last about 2 weeks. Other than that, the oil fits perfectly into the actual plug in. It doesn’t leak or make me nervous in any way and it smells like the actual fabric softener. People always compliment the smell in our home. Smells like clean laundry.

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