4.2 5 0 76 76 Our translucent, loose setting powder creates a natural, airbrushed effect—all while protecting your skin from harmful pollutants (and leaving out things like parabens).
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I love it
I liked using it just needs better way of getting to the product.
It's an okay powder
I like the texture of this powder, but the packaging is a little messy. Also, it gives me an odd overcast on it as well. It could be better for lighter toned people. It can also make me look powdery as well, so I have to use a light hand with it.
Revlon PhotoReady Candid™ Anti-Pollution Setting Powder
Not really a Revlon fan, but gave this powder a try. Seemed to do a nice job on coverage for my skin, which is dry. No caking or smudging. Think I might be changing my mind about Revlon.....
Great color
This is awsome,i will recommend this to all my friends
buy this for long lasting use
Buy this best product for your money and obviously u care because you on here buy it.
Not for my Skin
I guess this is decent setting powder but not for my skin . I have Oily, large pore skin and this did not set well on my skin. I did try it with different foundations but i got the same result witheveryone. .maybe better for someone with Combo skin ?? I am not sure.
For all skin
This translucent powder is good in skin & texture. This powder fit in all type of skin
Powder is so so
Powder does make your skin appear smoother but my skin got shiny quick. Also didn’t care for packaging not the easiest.
Good Product
I use this product. This is very good you purchase without any problem any you are use this product
This is a middle of the road setting powder. It did make my skin appear more smooth, but I felt like I got oily faster when I used this as opposed to my coty airspun. Also the packaging is Terrible. To get the actual product out was quite annoying and difficult and I don't need that kind of hassle in the morning when I'm trying to get ready
Love it!
It stays on all day, it's light weight, no reapply all day long! Really is a great addition to my make-up. I can't say enough good things about it. Absolutely would recommend it to everyone!
I usually use the lightest shade of the powder to set my foundation and/or to set under the eyes. I like this because it doesn’t cake up and stays on all day without having to do any touch ups!
Not for me
I really liked how this applied on my face and all. but when it came to testing it out and taking a picture with flash I got flashback ! On the are I had applied it to set my concealer. Perhaps the color was a bit light but it didn’t make me want to go back and purchase another shade.
Does a good job
So I love that this powder was so light in color as well as feel. I'm very fair skinned and I always have a very difficult time trying to find colors of foundation that match my skin tone. However , this Revolon Candid powder really did the trick. It set my make-up and left my skin looking and feeling great. I have very oily skin and even at 34 breakouts are still an issue for me. So having something that helps cover up my breakouts without making them worse or look worse is really important. So, if you have similar skin issues as I have then I'm sure if you try it this powder is something that will become a staple in your makeup kit like it has mine!
Not for me
I really liked the way this powder felt on my face after applying, very natural. But it was way too light for me even though the shade I purchased was nearly the same as what I normally purchase! I am fair skinned and this makes me look extremely pale!

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