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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse™
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Pleasantly surprised
I had purchased this on sale and decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by how easily it applied, it was long lasting and the scent was awesome
Dries out lips
I was extremely disappointed in this product. I was excited to purchase it and loved the look and color. It felt and looked good when I first put it on, but it no time my lips were cracking, felt very dry & dehydrated, and were begging me to remove this from my lips. It took only about ten minutes for it to start to be very uncomfortable and dry on my lips. That to me is no time at all. I paid almost $10 for this product at Walgreens and was very disappointed. I loved the color and the “taste” of it on my lips but the dryness was literally miserable and unbearable. Do not recommend.
Not for me
I did not like this product. I bought 2 of them in color I like at a discounted cost. I did not like the feel of them on my lips, it was kind of sticky
Excelente producto
Me encantó la textura, el aramo y sobre todo como queda muy hermoso y fácil de aplicar. Lo recomiendo muy buen producto. El precio es módico.
So glad I tried this
Fits great in my glitch purse. Long lasting color. Didn’t need to reapply as often like other lip brands. I found this to be a one of a kind product
It went on easily and there are many colors to choose from.
I get so many compliments on this lippie when I wear it , its unreal! The formula is extremely wearable and easy to apply. The best part about it is the staying power and smell in my opinion though! It has a faint hit of vanilla cupcake !
Love it
I'm a single mother and I work a full-time job in customer sales I don't have time or patience to reapply lipstick all day long. Look at my best is a big deal to me whether it's cheering my kids on or being face-to-face with customers for 8 hours. Feels great going on doesn't make me feel dry throughout the day it is worth the money. One of my favorite lipsticks and love the variety of colors
Pretty reds
I'm a huge fan of matte lips. I tend to lean towards red shades. The color depth for this product is amazing. It doesnt dry down on me, which is great because cracked lips are not noticable. The down fall is that it is not long lasting. I have various other brands in a similar price range that have far better staying power. For a short period it's good. If you're trying to make it all day, I'd go with something else.
Perfect Color 100 Degrees
Love a nice matte lip but it needs to be long lasting. I tried the Red (100 Degrees) and it’s such a Beautiful Red!!!
Death valley and red hot shades
I got this product to try out. I love the way it looks and applys. I like that is does not dry down because if it did then I would hate to wear it daily. This is a comfort matte.
This is a great product if you want matte lips! It is also not dry or make them dry. You do have to play with the colors to figure out what the color will be once on your lips.
This is ok
I really love the smell and the depth of color of this liquid lipstick but it comes of very easy. I wish it was a long lasting formula.
Not crazy about the formula
I bought 2 of these and tested them out and the formula drys down on me and makes my lips look dried out, they smell great but I think I will stick to regular lipstick
I truly recommend it.
This lipstick is my new favorite! I am in love with the two shades I got of the new Revlon Ultra HD Lip Mousse Hyper Matte! Great bright shades that can definitely rock any production! This product moisturizes my lips and has this perfect coverage that protects the lips and makes the color lasts for many hours. I super recommend it! No cracking, nor need to reapply after eating! This is the best lipstick formula I ever tried.

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