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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse™
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I think this is a great product and it is so smooth when you apply on your face and it makes my face feel good and it makes my face glow and the color is great it don't sweat off like some makeup
Its okay
I thought it was a nice lip gloss. It has a nice texture and isnt gooey. I did have a couple problems. It didnt stay on long , when I wear it I am constantly reapplying. Also the color of the tube is not the actual color. Mine was a lot lighter.
I really like this lip color. I was surprised that it actually performed better than my expectations. The color stayed true and did not get cakey, but I did need to re-apply throughout the day. The price was great and that's what pulled me in to try.
Great longwearing lipstick!
This lipstick is super lightweight to wear, easy to apply & comes in a variety of beautiful shades. Stays on for a reasonable amount of time depending on how often your smudge your lips. Overall I would recommend this lipstick. I love it!
Great colors
I just Adore this lip color and it's a flat no shine color I like that seems to last longer. Tastes good too but it's a mess proof container , so no worries getting fingers in melted lipstick tube busted cover etc. This one is worry free. Good job guys
The color was great but I noticed quickly throughout the night it became kinda clumpy on my lips, doesn’t stay matte for that long. It’s ok but wouldn’t buy again
Perfect matte color
I love this lipstick. It’s really very durable. You do not need to keep reapplying every time. It definitely going to stay on your lips. I received this product as a complimentary for an unbiased review but honestly it became one of my favorites.
All Time Fave LipColor
I actually got to try a tube of this for free once in exchange for a review, however, the stuff is so amazing, that it is the only kind of lip color I will buy now. It is matte, which I love and it stays on! It truly lasts all day! Also, this little tube lasts me at least 6 months and I use it daily! It comes in so many shades and even some have glitter in them! Highly recommend!
Good True Matte
This lipstick is a true matte and provides good coverage. Most of the shades that it comes in seem like they would work well on all skin tones. It has decent longevity and lasts about as long as any other matte lipstick. However, just like a lot of other matte lip products, it can be drying and end up emphasizing any lines or chapped areas on your lips.
Great matte product, in need of some more shades, but other than that, it was a good product. I loved the coverage with only some product. I would definitely recommend this product.
Lo amo
Todo los labiales con acabados matte me encanta pero ninguno como este amo este producto es de muy buena calidad...😉 lo recomiendo 100%
Well hydrated folks be prepared to reaply
I have a hard time with matte lipsticks. They don't tend to stay ling closer to the inside of my lips. They can say super matte, enforcer matte or even forever matte! The color I got was my usual red shade and it was beautifully pigmented and I mean BEAUTIFUL! For me like I said was the problem. Three hours later I had to reapply it and my lips felt like there was weight to them! I had to take it off because with hospital soap (came off fine with a little elbow grease) and reapplied. Had too many compliments.
I have a hard time using lipstick and lip laquers. I really liked this product it was the just the right coverage and the color was flattering.
Little goes a long way
A little goes a long way but looks great and stays put.
Just say YES
Loved this product. It stayed put, and doesn’t smear! Love these in all shades!

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