RITZ Bits Cheese Crackers & RITZ Cheese Crispers Cheddar Chips Variety Pack 48 Snack Packs

4.6 5 0 53 53 RITZ Cheese Crispers Cheddar Chips are oven-baked, not fried, thin with a crispy crunch. Made with real cheese, RITZ potato and wheat chips have a satisfying sharp flavor. RITZ Bits Cheese Sandwich Crackers are bite-size snacks that layer a tasty cheese spread between two tiny, crisp crackers, made with real cheese and no high fructose corn syrup.
RITZ Bits Cheese Crackers & RITZ Cheese Crispers Cheddar Chips Variety Pack 48 Snack Packs


Yummy in my tummy
I absolutely would recommend this to anyone of my friends and family members of whom like to try new products and services that have young kids these are awesome my 8 year old loves them
Great pack
Hands down that this is one of the best snacks that I have tried, it is always fresh tasting never stale. Comes in a convenient little package of it's own which makes taking these on the go a breeze.
They taste good they are really really good! I like them
Cheese lovers grab and go snack
This is the perfect combo of snacks for cheese lovers. The cheese crackers have always been one of my faves, but with this I was able to try the crispers. The kids enjoy the crispers more than I do as they are very cheesy. So it actually works out great and there are no leftover straggler packs like we get with the chips.
Cheezy Crisp
I was gifted with Ritz Cheese Crispers. It came in a well packed box. It is indeed a Cheesy Crispers. I love Ritz Crackers, but this one is different. It's covered with cheese and thinner. It's very crispy. I'm just not sure why it has a little soury tastes. Tastes salty, soury, and cheesy. More of my husband's favorite. I love it except for the sour hint. But this is a good snack and great for our on the go folks.
Cheese crisps
We love these cheese crisps. We serve then every time we get together with our friends. They're our favorite snack, love the cheesy flavor
Cheesy Good
RITZ Cheese Crispers cheddar flavor tastes good. They are very cheesy and crispy, thin, and oven-baked. They make a good snack. I would purchase them in the future.
This product is so tasty by itself or with hummus.
These are awesome. I usually grab me a pack in the morning and head out. Definitely a couple of great snacks. Pairs well with chicken salad.
love the buttery and cheesiness of these! and they are great for on the go or lunch boxes too!
RITZ Bits Cheese Crackers & RITZ Cheese Crispers Cheddar Chips
I really love these. they both taste so good can eat alot of them
They taste great highly recommend you can’t just eat one you have to keep eating they taste amazing. I’ll take a case there that good
Cheese please
My kids love Ritz. We have one of these 48 packs on auto delivery every other month. We use them in lunches and for snacks. I've usually got a few packs in the van. Great for on the go no mess from chocolate or smears. Keeps hands basically clean. Plus it's not super sugary or fatty.
Ritz crack
I actually really like these still now that I am a mom to 2x kisa
These were so yummy. We definitely preferred the cheese crackers over the crisps though. The powdered cheese on the crisps was a little strong but they were still good.

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