Robitussin - Honey Cough + Chest Congestion

4.5 5 0 161 161 NEW Robitussin Honey Cough + Chest Congestion DM Max Day liquid cough medicine. The honey you love, plus the powerful non-drowsy cough relief and chest congestion you need associated with flu-like symptoms or the common cold
Robitussin - Honey Cough + Chest Congestion


Robitussin with honey cough and chest co
Recently I've felt real congested and couldn't find relief until trying robitussin honey cough and chest congestion. I have to say it really works. In almost no time I was getting relief. The honey sooths while the medication breaks up all the flem. Long lasting and doesn't make you drowsy
Smooth tasting
Pretty good and smooth honey taste. Had a tired feeling on and off when taking it for a week
Great relief
This was one of the only things I could take sick while pregnant. It was the only thing that helped and I hate the taste of normal Robitussin. The honey not only tasted much better but I found it really helped my throat so I could sleep.
This is a great product for you crappy cold. Relieves cough and congestion with the soothing relief of a coat of honey.
Robitussin to the rescue!!
When ever my kid has cough my go to is always Robitussin cough syrup. My kid always get night cough which is eased very instantly after I started using this product.
Real Honey
Robitussin Honey Cough/Chest Congestion DM works well for what it says it does. Most cough medicines taste terrible, so the honey makes it more bearable and helps to coat the throat better. It is also one of the more affordable cold medicines.
I have to say I was sceptical with the honey in this product but after the thickness of the medicine the end result is one of the best for coughs and congestion
Excellent for sore throat!
I love that they added honey to their cough syrup. The added honey really helps to soothe your sore throat. It also adds a little sweetness to the taste so it doesn’t taste as strong or burn like other cough syrups. This works really quick to help you get over your cold. Great product.
Works excellent
I won’t lie to you Robitussin is probably the nastiest medicine you could ever get. However it does the job. I’ve been using it since I was a kid and it has never let me down. Now that I have children it is my go to for colds.
Congestion gone
So I had a very bad cold and it worked in about a hour I was feeling so much better congestion just about gone taste was decent so I was able to take it more often
Awesome results fast
I love the great reputation of Robitussin, true trust research and results formulas for my whole family. The honey really soothe the sore throat and the decongesting and cough aide make me feel better fast. Love the adult formula and children's formula.
I was actually surprised this helped tremendously. I would definitely use again.
Ok but there is better out there
I don’t feel like this was as effective as some of the other Robitussins. I wanted to try it because it’s honey based but I don’t believe it worked very well. It helped suppress the cough just a little bit but not as much as I expected. I had better luck with Vicks Cough.
Hot totie
My u cles big on hot tottiew for colds this is perfect for him has the cold meds mixed with honey still taste like meds so your kids won't be tempted to drink a whole bottle but not at bad as normal
Great for pregnancy, too!
I had chronic congestion while pregnant, and this was one of the few products safe to take. It did such a great job relieving my cold symptoms, I've added it to my regular OTC regimen for colds and upper respiratory issues. I love the honey taste, and it does a great job coating my throat to help relieve cough and the resulting pain.

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