4.5 5 0 219 219 Introducing Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Nail Kits, the first DIY nail kit for the ultimate salon chrome look.
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I have not tried Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Metallic Dip Nail kit but the peacock color looks beautiful and someone mentioned mermaid color I'd like to try but some reviews say it isn't a metallic look more like a glitter look and a mess but I'm willing to test it out!
I love Sally Hansen! I haven't seen this, but I think it looks fun! Love that color!
Este producto se ve increible! Me encantaria probarlo en mis uńas
I would love to try the kit. It would be an awesome new experience especially since ive always wanted to try it.
Love to try Sally Hansen Salon Chrome metallic tip nail kit
Sally Hansen is a superior line of high quality nail care products that's very effective and fabulously awesome!
I've never seen this product before but would love to try it. It looks awesome! Sample PLEASE!!!
This looks really cool I’d love to try this out! Please send samples!
I would love to try these. I love painting my nails but this makes it 10x easier application wise.
I have not tried this but I would love to. I have a bit of an addiction in a good way for nail products!!!!
I haven't tried these yet but would LOVE to, it would make keeping my nail looking sooooo much easier and they look so pretty!
Wooooow I would absolutely love to try this nail product. I was recently introduced to nail dip and I'm obsessed!
I am a Nail polish fanatic and I would love to try this, I've never heard or seen of this before and my review will be five star if you choose me for this product
I would like a sample of this please. It sounds amazing.
No I haven't can u send me one I'll try n comment and then we can see

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