4.5 5 0 219 219 Introducing Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Nail Kits, the first DIY nail kit for the ultimate salon chrome look.
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I would absolutely love to try this product. I like having my nails done professionally but can never afford it.
This is the first time I have ever heard of this product. Would like to give it a try before I buy. Anything that helps save my nails would be bonus.
I haven’t used Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Metallic Dip Nail Kit but would definitely consider. I love the brand Sally Hansen but have not tried chrome metallic dip nail kit in particular, I would love to since I do my nail every week to change color and aspects. Plus it has all positive reviews, well why not it’s Sally Hansen!!!!
I've always kept up with my nails. I would love to sample these!
I have not tried this yet but would love the opportunity to give it a try. I am a daily nail polish wearer so I believe I could give a good and fair review.
Oh my i'd love to try this! I love love sally hansens nail polish!!
never tried this product would love to try it ,it looks so nice
Ohhhh I have heard about this and how well it works - I paint my nails every week and would LOVE to try this!! The Peacock color looks so cool!
I haven't tried a product like this yet, bit it's very intriguing. I'd love to try it to see how the outcome is. Is it just sounds like a breeze!
I have not tried this product yet but I would love to because it looks very cool and interesting and it is a trusted brand.
I would love to try this. I have never done anything like this before on my nails
Havent tried. But would to try this product. Thanks!
I love manicures and I am a Sally Hansen fan. This kind of product is right up my alley. Would love to try it!!
This looks interesting. Would love to try on my ten year old niece because this is sonething that I know shell love. The Chrome Metallic look pretty cool, just like all of Sally Hansen polishes do.
I haven’t tried these yet, but would really like to. I use package nails every so often. These look really nice.

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