4.5 5 0 219 219 Introducing Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Nail Kits, the first DIY nail kit for the ultimate salon chrome look.
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I do my own nails all the time and have not tried this product but I would love to try.
I absolutely love this beautiful color, and I am wanting to try this DIY nail project out so bad!! LOVING IT!!!!!!
I have not tried this product, but would definitely love the chance to try it out for myself.
this is new on me never heard of it but love to do my nails i think this would be perfect to try
Yessss! I have heard of this such an awesome product that I need to try for myself!!
Me encanta la marca Sally, el color que muestra se ve hermoso, un color más que tendré que probar
Did not like them hard to put n by myself came right back off wont but again
Would like to try these Sally Hansen Chrome Matallic Nail Kil. Since my nails will not grow. I have (2) girls , and one grandson! (see why I DON"T Have any nails! lol
I have not tried this product before. I love to paint my nails. I love buying nail polish. I adore sally hansen. really want to try
Love any nail product want to try this.think I am going to love it
never tried this product would love to try it ,it looks so nice
I have tried other products from Sally but this one i have never tried before going ahead and buying the full size product would definitely like to receive a sample to just give it a try..i am really excited to try this one..
I have not tried this product out, but it looks amazing, and I would absolutely love to try it! I am addicted to doing my nails, and I am especially addicted to Sally Hansen products!
Sally Hansen is ahead of the game with these kits. I would love love love to test and review this Sally Hansen's Salon Chrome in Peacock. It looks amazing!
I haven't tried this but it looks super cool. I'd love to try it out but I haven't seen it when I go to the stores, I'll keep my eyes out for it and hopefully I can try it soon. I wonder if it comes in purple? But this color doesn't look bad either.

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