4.6 5 0 223 223 Introducing Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Nail Kits, the first DIY nail kit for the ultimate salon chrome look.
Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Metallic Dip Nail Kit
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never tried this product would love to try it ,it looks so nice
I have tried other products from Sally but this one i have never tried before going ahead and buying the full size product would definitely like to receive a sample to just give it a try..i am really excited to try this one..
I have not tried this product out, but it looks amazing, and I would absolutely love to try it! I am addicted to doing my nails, and I am especially addicted to Sally Hansen products!
Sally Hansen is ahead of the game with these kits. I would love love love to test and review this Sally Hansen's Salon Chrome in Peacock. It looks amazing!
I haven't tried this but it looks super cool. I'd love to try it out but I haven't seen it when I go to the stores, I'll keep my eyes out for it and hopefully I can try it soon. I wonder if it comes in purple? But this color doesn't look bad either.
I have not tried this product but I'm very interested as I often prefer a DIY approach when I want to try something new with my nails instead of always getting a standard manicure from a salon
I haven't tried this product but would definitely LOVE to! The picture makes it look so beautiful and i can only imagine the shimmer/colors it would give in the sunlight this summer!
I would like to test and review your product please
not big on getting new nail products but i would like to try this it looks interesting
Yes I love to try sally Hansen chrome metallic dip nail kit can't wait to more of sally Hansen products thanks.
I love doing my nails, I've used many Sally Hansen products, but I have yet to see, or try this one.
would love to try this. I always had trouble putting and leaving nails on my fingers. If this works on my nails it would work on anyones nails. My friends always made fun of my nails growing up. Because the grew upward. But if I can get these to look nice on me. It will be a miracle
I have not tried this, but after reading the reviews I would love to.I
I have not tried this product, but I Kno someone who has and it looks awesome.
I have thick, beautiful natural nails so i just love to paint & decorate them. Sally Hansen has wonderful reliable products & i would like to try this fun one!

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