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Schick Intuition™
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Nice all-in-one razor
I like this razor A LOT! It's great for "dry shave" touch ups - just wet it & shaved - since the shave lotion/cream is already on the razor! Fantastic! I don't like to use it in the shower because that same lotion/cream gets gooey & tends to disappear before the razor is dull :(
Love this razor
Love this razor! The soap around the blades makes it glide across my skin smoothly. I'm always getting little cuts when I shave but not with this razor!! My skin feels very hydrated and soft after I shave and I love that I don't need any shaving cream!
Perfect for travel
I thoroughly enjoy this razor. The soap around the razor has a unique way of being able to be versatile and on the go that you don’t need to be in the shower to shave!
Much better than using shaving cream or gel!!
No need for Shaving Cream with Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment. It's infused with coconut milk and almond oil, which provides my legs with much needed moisture. I get a close, smooth shave, in only a few minutes. After every use, my legs are soft and silky smooth. After the solid around the blades is completely gone, it's extremely easy to remove and add another refillable blade. It's better than using shaving creams or gels. It's definitely a must have during these hot summer days.
This is my absolute favorite razor ever, I have been using it for many many years, like way back in middle school. It may be big, but I have no issue getting it to reach the places that I need it to reach. I think it cuts close and makes my skin unbelieveably soft.
Tried it!
Bought this hoping to get a nice close shave. The razor itself does give a nice shave, but seems clunky with such a large head. Does lubricate nicely while shaving, just can’t get the nice close shave that I like
One of my FAVORITE
My SO bought this for me as a gift haha. I am really lazy about shaving. I've been using the 3 blade Venus disposable razors. I always figured this product would be clunky and dirty or difficult. I was wrong. It's SO easy to use. The blade stays sharper longer and I can shave quicker. The replacements can be pricey but considering the convenience and fact blades last longer I highly recommend to at least try them. This razor was a game changer for my shaving game, something I never imagined myself saying. Buying the larger refill packs also gets you more bang for your buck. I'm all about quality and a decent price.
Gone so soon!
I truly love that I don’t have to slather up with shaving cream in order to shave with this razor, but the moisture bar is gone SO fast — I wish there were a way to make it last longer and to wear away more evenly.
Great product
Works great, but the soap always seems to fall off before completely used.
I have used this product for many many years, and would never use anything different, very convenient to use..
The pros of using this razor is smell good, legs are soft after using this and easy to hold while shaving. Cons the soap goes too quick and very pricey.
I really like the idea of this item but have to agree that the soap does not last very long. It is convenient to use.
I like the Schick Intuition line, but the soap goes too quickly! Especially the front part. This has been a problem for a decade now. I buy them mostly during the summer when I need a quick shave without much fuss.
I've used Intuition for years. Recently I've noticed that the soap dries out very fast and breaks away. It is too pricey to throw it away so soon. I am going back to regular razors.
Great razor, replacement heads are ridiculously expensive. I have gone back to the plain disposable.

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