4.5 5 0 302 302 Won't scratch- safe for non-stick pots and pans. Rinses clean- even eggs and cheese won''t stick!
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Left with sponge in short while
The scrubbing part of it finishes fast. Spent less than 5 days and it started peeling from sponge
It's a sponge
It honestly seems only marginally better than the regular scotch brite sponges I normally use. It's a decent sponge, pretty good at scrubbing. If it's on sale, I would recommend buying it.
Go To Sponge
This is the go to sponge in my kitchen. I love the feeling of the scrubbing part as opposed to traditional sponges. I do find that the scrubbing side works just as well as any others. I do notice that this sponge tends to stink pretty quickly, which is my only complaint. Due to this it needs replaced often.
Not too Fabulous
I could have done with out the dots ! Give me the good old fashioned scrubbers anyday ! These just didnt work for tuff jobs . Only good for washing dishes.
Challenged success
These work amazing, at first i was consumed and very unsure that this product would be very good like most, but it prove me wrong and they worked amazingly they passed my ultimate challenge and came up with an att on my grader chart for sponges that work and get my approval .
Work wonders
Love these sponges. Great product from a trustworthy brand!
No difference
I didn't really notice a difference between this new sponge and the old one.
Fantastic scrubbing power!
This is ALWAYS my go to cleaning sponge! The designs are always cyte and colorful! Makes washing my dishes a little brighter!
Great for pots
Really good for pots and pans. Cleans without damaging. Great for countertops too!
Main sponges
I love these sponges. I use them primarily at home, in my kitchen. They have a great scrubbing side on them. They don't seem to last very long for me and that is my only complaint.
Great sponge
I love these scptchbrite sponges. They are durable and you can really scrub with them with not much effort. They are a great price. They are good quality. I use them for everything. I would definily recomend them to anyome looking for.a.gpod.quality sponge that will also donwell for scrubbing.
Clean dishes with no scratching
I have a habit of always washing my dishes before I load them in the dishwasher. Even though I use Scotch Brite this new Scotch Brite product with the scrubbing dots makes my job so much easier.
Good but not my favorite
These sponges do clean my dishes but not as well as the normal scrubby backs in my opinion. I finished a pack of three in the past. Would recommend and repurchase.
All the time
This is the only brand I use! I love the fact that there are quite a few different styles and types to choose from for the different needs you may have!
Love This Sponge!
I have used quite a few different sponges and I love the price of this sponge and love how it works to scrub my pans and not be too harsh on the surfaces

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