4.6 5 0 530 530 Won't scratch- safe for non-stick pots and pans. Rinses clean- even eggs and cheese won''t stick!
Scotch-Brite® Scrub Dots
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Great Product
Great product! The only sponge I'll use and because the scrubbing side is not abrasive it's safe to use on almost every surface in my home.
Not impressed
Bought because the store was out of the usual sponges that I buy. I didn't feel that they were better than the Scotch Brite Sponges that I already use.
Absolute Necessity
This sponge is my little secret to my steel pots and coated pans. It's tough enough to clean my pots, but gentle enough to clean my pans without scratching and taking off their coating. They always last me longer than the other brands also. I definitely get my money's worth out of them
Kitchen/Bedroom scrubbers
Great for tough scrubbing very durable. Multi purpose for around the house.
Doesn’t mess up pots and cleans well would recommend
About the same
I don't have a dish washer so I'm using sponges all the time and this one was no different. Great! But so are the store brand...
Great scrub
I recommend this sponge. It has a strong scrubber so you can put some muscle into it without falling apart.
Great for cleaning
I really like these scrubbers. The fact that one side is rough for removing hard stains and a soft side to smooth area over. They hold up well and you don't have to use as many as with other sponge/scrubbers.
Good sponge
The Scotch Brite scrub dots sponge is good but I still prefer the yellow sponge with the green abrasive side from Scotch Brite. This blue sponge tends to lock in the food particles and doesn’t release the food When you’re finished and cleaning the sponge off. Have not purchased again.
Work great!
These are my go to pads for my pans! Love them they get the food off easy and don’t scratch.
perfect sponge
i absolutely love these with the scrub dots, i have even tried the rags. best product ever.
Love this sponge
What I loved most about this sponge if the shape. It's easy to grasp. It's very absorbent and the scrubbing side works well in those tough bits of food that need a bit of elbow grease.
Must have
I used to do my friends dishes all the time. She bought this and it worked great.
Best scrub sponge
I absolutely love this scrub sponge with dots. It gets all my dishes clean. The dots help with the stuck on food.
scrub dot sponge like orignal
I like the regular Scotch Brite sponges so much better ! you have to really scrub with this one to get dishes clean

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