4.7 5 0 102 102 Powerful citrus action formula. Wipes out tough grease and grime.
Scrubbing Bubbles Max Grease Cleaner
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I love using this to remove dirt and grease.It is the best on the market in my opinion.Leaves behind no dirt and has a great clean smell.would recommend to
Grease cleaner
I love trying out cleaning products because I clean constantly every week. I have three children and two dogs so the house is always messy. These products are always a must try. Although I did not like how much quantity I had to use in one load, I thought it was ok. Grease cleaner
I think what i like most about this product is the fact it really does degrease.. I like to spray my stove top down with it daily to keep keep grease at bay and this stuff cleans it right up
Works great!
This stuff works good. Smell isn’t too harsh and you don’t have to scrub much with this product like you do with others.
I love all of the scrubbing bubbles products! You don't have to do alot of scrubbing to clean with this!
Super clean
Scrubbing Bubbles Max Grease Cleaner. This works really well
Squeaky Clean
Works hard so you dont have too! Smells really bright and fresh. CLEAN!
I love all of the scrubbing bubbles products! You don't have to do alot of scrubbing to clean with this!
This cleaner is a lifesaver. It cleans away greasy built up very easily and quickly. It doesn't have a chemical smell, only a citrus smell and leaves the area smelling fresh.
This product works great on my stove. I have a standard old fashion stove and with one wipe it gets the grease up. Doesnt leave a slimy residue and smells okay.
Buen producto
Es excelente producto de limpieza es fuerte el aroma pero eficaz.
Works very well
I've used this products in areas where I needed to clean some tough grease away. This Max Grease Clearner worked very well but is slow working so give it time to soak in to allow for maximum impact.
Really cuts grease without he hard work
I have been looking for a product that is tough on grease,easy on my hands and does not smell like chemicals.This Max Grease cleaner does it all.Cuts the grease without all the hard scrubbing.
Best Degreaser around!
This degreaser has the best scent! No harsh chemical smells like the other. Also works great to get rid of the grease on stove and oven!!
Bueno para la cocina lo uso para mis gabinetes y estufa saca bastante la grasa.

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