4.5 5 0 236 236 It goes on clear and dry, offers superior odor protection, and contains no aluminum, no parabens, and no dyes.
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Love this product
This has quickly become my go to deodorant! Goes on nicely and smells great!
Not the best
Not the best I've tried in my life has a weird smell after an hour or so
Great Product!
I really like the fact that this deodorant is aluminum-free. It goes on nice and smells really good. It keeps me fresh all day. I would definitely recommend this product.
For years
My mom used this in roller form. It's my go to perferrence. The scent is best.
This product is pretty good. And I love that there are aluminum free deoderant these days available for sale. The smell is not the best but at least I know what is going into my body!
Great protection
Great product, great protection. Apply once in the morning and it gets me through the day without needing to re-apply.
Aluminum free
I love this deodarant. Its aluminum free that makes deodarant less irritable on me. It kept me feeling fresh and dry all day
It smells very nice and does not leave a heavy greasy feeling like some. It is nice to find aluminum free deodorants in everyday stores.
I have been looking for a good aluminum-free deodorant. It smells great and doesn't cause me a rash as I have experienced before. lasts a long time and covers up any body odor.
Really works!
and I found this aluminum free version of their deodorant to be good I liked it because I'm hurting on aluminum ingredients. I also like the fact that there was no need to reapply like some aluminum-free deodorants.
Great Product
Great product, would recommend this product to any female.
Holds very well in Florida day heat. Really like aluminum free best
Best out there
I love this goes on nice and smooth and clear and smells so good. Does not leave marks on black clothes.
Love the scent
I love how Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant goes on and the way it smells. Its more like a clear solid than messy gels I've used before. I wasn't looking for an aluminum free option but after reading about how aluminum can be dangerous it just makes It even better.
great! Smells awesome, and it actually works. I would recomend it because my freinds need deoderant to work hard like they do !

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