4.5 5 0 266 266 It goes on clear and dry, offers superior odor protection, and contains no aluminum, no parabens, and no dyes.
Secret® Aluminum Free Deodorant Daylily
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love it
i have used thiskind of gel deodrant for several year iot foght odor for a long time and it doesnt stain clothin gor skin
Trying something new
I liked the protection of this, but not 100% wild with the scent. Growing up a total tomboy I didn't really care for the girly girl flowery scents. As an adult still not a big fan, but I tried it anyway. I'd be more likely to purchase again if there was different and milder scents to choose from.
No Underarm Odor or Stain
Inexpensive but keeps me dry and odor free. There are no stains on my clothes and I smell fresh all day.
Este es invisible duras todo un día y tú axila nunca olera mal y lo mejor de todo q claro y no deja manchas en tu ropa
My daily go to for deoderant.
I have used secret for over , well, I'll just say 20 something years, it is the only deodorant that I have found that works for me all day and night. I have ran out and had no other choice but to some cheaper, and I am always disappointed. I am just so happy they are making it in aluminum free!
No like
En mi opinión solo huele cuando te lo pones y luego da mal olor sin aluminio no protege con el fuerte olor para el que suda mucho no me gusta
Hush smell
overall this is a great product, I've only been using it for a week and a half, and so far it's doing great for me, the fragrance is light and enjoyable, it's not wet going on very cool, so far i haven't had a problem with odor
Me gusta, combate el sudor y el olor bastante bien y lo mejor de todo es que no contiene aluminio ya que es malo para la salud, y es transparente Lo mega recomiendo.
Lo recomiendo esta super bueno me gusta mucho. Mi familia y yo lo usamos es un muy buen producto.
Aluminum free is GREAT but I need it stronger
For regular days, this is great. I want to avoid aluminum (and other) ingredients. I have days at work where I need a bit more kick because the work is hard, and well, I sweat. It's not the sweat that bothers me so much, but the stink that comes with it. I don't want to smell even the slightest bit of BO especially on myself. I hope they come out with an aluminum free version that's "extra strong"
Wasn’t Quite Secret Enough
I generally love Secret products and this product applies smoothly, does not leave white marks and feels good on the skin. However, the fragrance did not work well for me and my particular body chemistry. When I began to sweat, I did not experience the odor control that I have obtained with other Secret products. I do appreciate that this product is aluminum free!
I have been using aluminum free deodorant for years now, but I could only find it in specialty stores. I am so glad that major brands are starting to catch on! This is currently my favorite deodorant! Once your body gets used to not having the aluminum barrier, you'd never know the difference. This is a great product!
good fragrance
The best fragrance! I like freshness after using it.
The Best Deodorant on the Market!
Extra extra. I've always used Secret products. I had a coupon for this deodorant and it is all that and a bag of chips. Its definatley the ticket for menopausal women. Try it and you will thank me.
A must have
One of my favorite deodorants. It goes on absolutely clear. No white marks on my black tank. It fights my wet stains, and I smell super fresh all day. Definitely recommend

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