4.6 5 0 155 155 It goes on clear and dry, offers superior odor protection, and contains no aluminum, no parabens, and no dyes.
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my favorite
I only use this product it keeps me dry all day smells great and no white in clothes
Great deodorant
This deodorant last a long time doesn’t leave white marks and smells great. Definitely recommend for summer and black clothes
Secret is my favorite
Ok BN love the scents they have and it keeps me dry compare DC t ok o her brands . I tried also keeps me from having an odor in like I tried hers where 6 hours ok nto the day bc I smell faint underarm odor.
My favorite
I feel fresh all day long and this is now my new go to deodorant.
Love secret
Live secret the only thing I have used for years leaves no white spots
Aluminum free!
Finally secret came out with an aluminum free deodorant. The love all of the smells and knowing that it won’t hurt my body after a time makes it all better
The only one I luv
The only deodorant I have found that is not sticky and smells good too!
I love Secret!
I have used Secret for 20 years and I love this one! It keeps me super dry and smelling fresh. I never have to worry when I'm out, especially living in Arizona! I have always recommended Secret and I will definitely will recommend this product!
Love this
By far the best secret deodorant I've used. Would be best if I could buy in as a double pack.
Keep on smelling fresh it's our secret
I'm really glad secret made aluminium free because they have been my favorite brand for so many years and my daughter is on a healthy kick and this makes her happy. I'm glad the protection is as good as the regular thank you secret
This product changed my mind about deodorant!
After trying Secret Aluminum Free Daylily I haven't purchased another deodorant! When they say it lasts for two days they mean it!!!!
Works for an hour
I tried Secret Aluminum Free deodorant for a few days, and within an hour or so I was sweating and stinky. Ive heard your body needs time to detox from your previous deodorant, but I don't have the time or reputation as a teacher who needs to be close proximity to my students that I won't be trying it again.
I really liked this deodorant. It worked so well, I could have skipped a day or two from applying any. The scent is light and fresh and it dries quickly.
Best one
This product has been the best one so far for me. Keeps me dry and smelly free.
This deodorant is absolutely amazing...it smells so good and it lasts a long time...I’d highly recommend it to anyone

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