4.6 5 0 196 196 Secret Outlast Xtend Technology offers 48-hour odor protection that never stops!
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fresh fragrance
I love the fragrance and freshness. Highly recommended!!
This is awesome
This is one good product. U put it on and it lasts and for the whole 24 hrs like it says. When I sweat I sweat and this product fights the sweaty order and the sweat itself. I remain fresh all day. I love this product.
I always use another type of Secret because it is the best, but, the kind I use isn't Outlast. I tried this one and love it. It leaves no stains and is, of course invisible. It lasts for days, too. I highly recommend, especially is your anti perspirant has stopped working for some reason.
Best deodorant
I love this product, it is the best I have found that smells good and keeps me dry and smelling fresh all day. I highly recommend this to everyone especially if you have tried others that did not work. This works!
really liked the scent and also i loved how well it worked all day and it does not leave marks on your clothes which is great and i will say it lasts
Works well!
I love it! Being from West Texas where its hot I need something that works. This does! It leaves no residue on your clothes and smells wonderful. Works well under your breast in this heat! Great wonderful product!
Muy bueno
Me gusta mucho el producto. No mancha la ropa y su olor dura bastante tiempo.
Love it .
I bought this a few months ago and swear by it . Im in love with the smell and when I put it on my husband always asks me what im wearing . lol. I get alot of attention for the great smell it has . Ive noticed there have been times where ive been in a rush to go somewhere and still have the deodorant on from the day before and it still smells great and gives me protection from nasty sweat and stank . It really is great. Def recommend.
This deodorant protects all day and smells great. Great price.
Poca proteccion!
Probe este producto y no me gusto, mancha la ropa y no da protección en cuanto el mal olor, se me hace de baja calidad, aunque todos los cuerpos son diferentes talvez a alguien si le funcione pero a mi no me funciono.
Does a great job
I used to be a degree girl but my husband bought this product for me by accident once and now I have switched. It has a good price point, smooth application and all day effectiveness.
Does not work
not for a person that is active in my opinion. I am not a marathon runner or anything of that nature but a do mild activity and I cannot use this as I sweated and smelled like I had nothing to protect myself on. I tried it for 2 weeks and I threw it away.
Great scent, almost no residue on clothes
I've used Secret deodorant a lot! This one smell nice and fresh without overpowering! It is almost invisible if you get it on clothes, and it keeps me sweat free all day long!
Works Fabulously
I decided to try this product because I need some extra help with my amount of sweating... For years I have used a product that you apply at night but there would be times I would forget, and that wasn't a kind that would work right away. With this product I can use it like regular antiperspirant, which means I don't ever forget. It works just as well as the stuff I used at night and smells nice, too. I have tried other products that claim to help excessive sweating but none come close to this. I can use this antiperspirant and not be afraid I will sweat through my clothing, and it requires only one product where I had been using two.
Exceptional sweat & odor protection, no white marks!
I typically use "gel" deodorants/antiperspirants versus the traditional "stick" format because I feel that they offer better, longer-lasting protection and are less likely to leave white streaks on your clothes. For someone like me who wears exclusively black clothes, this is an important factor! I love this Secret product because it goes on easily, dries very quickly (minimizing the risk of streaking), and above all else it provides complete protection against sweat and odor. Also, I like that the formula seems to be slightly water-resistant; I could probably go swimming and not need to re-apply afterwards!

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