Seventh Generation™ Dishwasher Packs - Free & Clear

4.5 5 0 61 61 These easy-to-use dishwasher packs give you the perfect amount of grease-fighting dishwasher detergent for a total clean the first time, leaving no iffy scents behind.
Seventh Generation™ Dishwasher Packs - Free & Clear


The best!
I really love these dishwasher tablets! My dishes came so clean. I load my dishwasher fairly heavy and didn't have any problems with residue. I definitely recommend these.
Seventh Generation™ Dishwasher Packs - Free & Clear
These worked really well in my dishwasher to clean my dishes. I was surprised at how well they cleaned. The also didn't leave a residue on my dishes. It rinsed off very well. I would use them again!
So clean
I love how the Seventh Generation™ Dishwasher Packs - Free & Clear do a great job of cleaning. They do with without harmful dyes or scents. I never understood why you would want dishes to smell like something. I have a Bosch dishwasher and these work perfectly everytime!
Would be five stars
I love how natural this is, reason I purchased it after all. But I still feel like alternative brands did a slightly better job, though I will continue using, it feels better using for baby's dishes etc.
Dishes love it
My dishes come out so good after using this product
Good for the most part
The dishwasher detergent worked for the most part but did leave a little residue behind on the dishes. I like that this product is healthier than other dishwasher products though.
Seventh Generation Dishwasher Packs - Free & Clear!
The Seventh Generation Dishwasher Packs - Free & Clear consists of an enzyme-rich formula which cuts through tough grease and food residue to leave dishes sparkling clean. These dishwasher packs are free of fragrances, dyes, phosphates, and chlorine bleach. Also, they are USDA Certified and Bio based Product.
Pretty good
These pods worked well I’m not sure if they are just as good as Cascade which is the ones I usually use but they were decent and more “green”
Good but expensive
They work great but for the price I will stick to another brand. If I noticed any huge difference I would justify the higher price, but I really didn't see any difference.
Overall very good stuff. It removed all the dirt and grime for the dishes.
Works well
Seventh Generation Dishwasher Packs Free & Clear. This works very well
Works well, plus it's non-toxic! (whoop, whoop!)
A lot of non-toxic dishwasher soaps really don't work. This one does, so big thumbs up!
leaves some spots
They do the job without harsh chemicals. I enjoy all of seventh generations products because they are bleach free and Im allergic to bleach. Sometimes a little spotty, but I get that with cascade too.
Powerful cleaning pods
I really like these dishwasher packs. They are small and easy to put into the dishwasher. They clean the dishes well and are good for the environment. I would definitely recommend these pods.
Free of dyes & scents!
Love it! I always use free & clear products! This product does not disappoint. Great Product!

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