Shout® Wipe & Go

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Shout® Wipe & Go


A must for my purse
As someone who tends to spill or stain their clothing on an almost daily basis especially if what I’m wearing is white, these are a definite must have to carry in my purse so I’ll have one available when I inevitably spill on myself. It works well to get the initial stain off enough until you can get home to wash the garment. Prevents the stain from setting in so I’ve been able to save many items of clothing by carrying these wherever I go.
Shout never disappoints!
I love Shout spray and have used it for years so I had to try these convenient portable stain removers. I am very impressed by how great these work. It’s a dream come true for me as I’m clumsy so tend to end up with one thing or another on my clothes every time I leave the house. I carry these in my bag and no worries.
Don’t leave home without them!
They are in my purse, work bag, car, beach bag, and I make sure I always have one with me no matter what. I can use one and not worry if the stain will wait till I get home! Takes out pretty much any stain!
Kills stains
I have used this product I keep it in my purse for emergency which in my case is ever time I eat. It gets rid of the stain and helps so it doesn't set in.i never leave home without it.
Never leave home without it
Shout wipes are one of the best inventions ever. I always have a pack in my purse foe those unfortunate spills. Works great!
I've always loved the Shout brand, and these wipes are a definite keeper. I have them in my desk at work, my car, my purse and anywhere there might be an oops. They tackle the tough stains fast, and have saved my clothes many times. I just wish they came in larger bulk packages!
Super Handy!!!
These wipes are the perfect size to fit in any bag or pouch without taking up too much room. Perfect for accidental stains, this product saved my favorite backpack from an awful fruit juice stain. I highly recommend this product to anyone.
A must for travel
I have been purchasing these Shout wipes for years! They work great in a pinch especially while traveling. In fact, I just purchased more yesterday! I have shared them with friends when a stain happens because I keep one in my handbag.
Using for years
Back in the day of air travel, these never stopped coming in handy. Now, with a child, nothing gets left on any outfit, ever. Easy to use, compact, always have one handy. Nothing has gotten past this stain remover.
Love these stain remover wipes
I have used Shout Wipe and Go for a few years now. I find these to be a great solution when you have a stain especially from eating out. They are easy to stow in your pocket, purse, etc so you can always have them on you at all times. I have had many times when myself or someone I am with have dropped or spilled and these wipes take that stain away! I love them and highly recommend them!
SHOUT WIPES Takes the Hard Work Out of Stain Removal!
I keep a packet of SHOUT WIPES in my purse for emergencies that just happen. Whether I am eating out and something plops on my lap or my granddaughter can’t help herself and touches me with dirty fingers! They are drenched with stain remover that works miracles on my clothes and never fails! I love these wipes!
shout wipe & go
they are great to have when you are away from home for work, or anyother place. spill something on your self and use this and it will take off the spill.
Shout Wipes
These wipes are awesome for on the go. It takes stains off instantly and pack is small enough to fit in your purse.
Great product
These come in handy especially if you eat out alot. I like that they come in a small package because they fit in my purse and my car. I would recommend these if you have expensive clothes you're worried about getting stains.
Shout wipes
I’d definitely prefer the Spray over the wipes. The wipes do not remove the stain or even lighten it until it’s actually washed.

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