4.8 5 0 247 247 Snack size sandwiches made with low fat vanilla ice cream set between two chocolate wafers.
Skinny Cow Viva Vanilla Snackers
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Perfect dessert
So yummy as I have these on my cheat days! I love that it’s not that many calories and I can fully enjoy the taste. I feel that these are better than the original
Tastes great!
You can definitely taste the difference. If your used to all the sugary junk then is wont taste as good to you. If your looking for low sugar and lower calories than this is the stuff for you! Makes you feel good even after you eat it!
Am I skinny yet?
I love ice cream sandwiches but my waistline does not! So glad I found these to satisfy my sweet tooth! They are a little smaller but with only 100 calories per sandwich, I can't complain. And I can feel better about eating them...I just have to be careful to watch how many I eat at a time.
Skinny Momma loves Skinny Cow
My my my, what can I say!! Yum!! I am so happy they finally began carrying these mini ice cream sandwiches at my local Kroger!! Skinny Cow really does know how to make 100 calories a piece taste so good they make all my guilt of eating ice cream melt away!! My husband and I get these because my daughter loves ice cream sandwiches and we can join her with guilt free enjoyment!! Back to simple pleasures!!
Yummy Dessert!
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches taste great and its a decent portion. They definitely do not taste like they are just 100 calories. Most low calorie frozen desserts have an artificial sugar taste but not these. Skinny Cow products taste sweet without the calories.
Awesome health conscious choice
I love ice cream sandwiches but the calories was always a reason to resist temptation. This low fat, full flavor option made a simple treat even more enjoyable. I love the richness of the cookie and the sweet vanilla flavor.
I love this dessert! The taste is great and I don't feel guilty after eating one. The vanilla and chocolate are perfect together. A must have and favorite for me, highly recommend
These are a wonderful alternative to satisfying your sweet tooth! It taste's great and even my kid sister eats them up, and she's as picky as they come. I high recommend these as a great healthy choice that the whole family will love.
These ice cream sandwiches are really tasty, just a bit small. I guess it's portion control so it has to be that way but I always want another! I would recommend for those who can't eat regular ice cream sandwiches due to dietary restriction s.
Taste yum
I tried this and did not know I was eating a diet ice sandwich. I buy them when ever I can find them. The candy bars are good too.
My friend Skinny!!!
At 100 calories a piece these are delicious and I can eat one and feel guiltless about it. Each bar is individually wrapped and just owe so chocolate vanilla sandwich good. One of my absolute favorite Skinny Cow ice creams.
Low Calorie Deliciousness
I love Skinny Cow. They produce a delicious product and I can't believe how little calories each treat has. This is perfect for my sweet tooth without sacrificing my diet. They are the perfect late night snack!
Skinny Cow Vanilla snackers
These are almost always great. They work well with weight watchers. I have bought them before and they were freezer burnt.
So delicious!
I love the Skinny Cow Viva Vanilla Snackers! For one, they are delicious. But they are also made with "light" ice cream and only have 100 calories per ice cream sandwich bar. They make for a perfect dessert after dinner, without the guilt!
Indulge with no guilt
Ice cream sandwiches so creamy and Amazing I forgot they were low in calories

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