4.8 5 0 235 235 Snack size sandwiches made with low fat vanilla ice cream set between two chocolate wafers.
Skinny Cow Viva Vanilla Snackers
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Indulge Away
"Healthy" ice cream sandwiches? YES! These ice cream sandwiches will not weigh heavy on your conscience or love handles. It tastes the same as a regular ice cream sandwich. You would not be able to tell that these are low in fat - aside from the smaller size. It's the perfect ice cream fix.
These are my special treats! It's nice to be able to have something sweet once in a while. These taste good and I don't feel like I'm missing out on dessert. I'd definitely buy them again.
Delicious and Only Four Weight Watchers Points
These taste amazing, and I'm really picky about my ice cream sandwiches. They're the perfect end-of-the-day, I-need-a-treat-but-I'm-also-on-a-diet kind of a snack.
Little sandwiches
These ice cream sandwiches are very small. I don't particularly like the ratio of ice cream to chocolate cookie. It is great if you are a diet, but it really does taste like diet food.
Skinny cow
Skinny Cow Viva Vanilla Snackers are great and do not have a lot of calories or fat
I've always loved Skinny Cow products! I love sweets, but do not like to feel guilty after eating them. Skinny Cow allows you to eat something sweet, guilt free, and their products are all delicious.
love em
these are my go to bars along with the caramel pretzel ones. i wouldnt change anything but the price
Guilt free snack
These are a nice low calorie dessert that you don’t need to feel guilty about the flavor is well balanced and the texture is similar to normal ice cream sandwiches. I would recommend.
I love these Skinny Cow Snackers. With only a 100 calories it fits in my diet good. You would never know that it is low fat. Definitely delicious and creamy chocolate cookie with creamy filling that is irresistible.
Has a nice taste and texture. I hardly noticed it was a diet product!
Perfect dessert
So yummy as I have these on my cheat days! I love that it’s not that many calories and I can fully enjoy the taste. I feel that these are better than the original
Tastes great!
You can definitely taste the difference. If your used to all the sugary junk then is wont taste as good to you. If your looking for low sugar and lower calories than this is the stuff for you! Makes you feel good even after you eat it!
Am I skinny yet?
I love ice cream sandwiches but my waistline does not! So glad I found these to satisfy my sweet tooth! They are a little smaller but with only 100 calories per sandwich, I can't complain. And I can feel better about eating them...I just have to be careful to watch how many I eat at a time.
Skinny Momma loves Skinny Cow
My my my, what can I say!! Yum!! I am so happy they finally began carrying these mini ice cream sandwiches at my local Kroger!! Skinny Cow really does know how to make 100 calories a piece taste so good they make all my guilt of eating ice cream melt away!! My husband and I get these because my daughter loves ice cream sandwiches and we can join her with guilt free enjoyment!! Back to simple pleasures!!
Yummy Dessert!
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches taste great and its a decent portion. They definitely do not taste like they are just 100 calories. Most low calorie frozen desserts have an artificial sugar taste but not these. Skinny Cow products taste sweet without the calories.

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