4.8 5 0 243 243 Snack size sandwiches made with low fat vanilla ice cream set between two chocolate wafers.
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Amazing snack
Overall awesome product and should be considered for atleast once
Late Night Snack
The Viva Vanilla Snackers are a guilt free snack that have become a staple in my house. You don't lose any of the flavor or texture of more calorie packed ice cream sandwiches with these, and they're amazingly only 100 calories!
I love this product it is sooo good i was absolutley in love with the smoothness
Amazing Taste
This is so tasty .It is fully fill with the vanilla ice cream .I have taste this this so tasty . This was the best sandwich ice cream. In summers I preferred you this ice cream .
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich
These ice cream sandwiches are amazing! I don’t feel one bit of guilt eating them! Would definitely recommend!
Really, really delicious!
I am not really into ice cream sandwiches. That said, these are one of my favorite treats! The ice cream has a nice rich vanilla taste and the cookie part is perfect. There is nothing about this product that tastes like 'diet' or 'light' or 'denial'. :) Quite the opposite; they are indulgent. My husband loves them, too!
The Best Ice Cream Sandwiches Ever
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches have been my favorite since I first tried them years ago. I actually prefer them to full fat/calorie brands. The ice cream is rich an and creamy, the sandwich cookies have a crunch to them. I don’t feel guilty for eating one, or two, lol. They’re perfection! Even my finicky 4 year old loved them.
If you need a yummy treat and you are trying to watch you calorie intake , then these make a perfect treat. They are yummy and are perfect for that ice cream sweet tooth. The problem is, you might want another one after you eat one because they are so yummy.
Mi snak favorito y el de mis hijos Rico sabor a vainilla los nenes son locos con ellos
Great alternative when you want something sweet and watch your calories but having great flavor.. Love it
Fantastic Flavor
Definitely recommend for that craving you get for a little snack!
Yummy for my dieting tummy
These are absolutely yummy! I love skinny cow ice creams as they don't skimp on the taste but they do leave out the guilt! A variety of flavors and other products would be great as well.
skinny cow ice cream
my daughter brought this home and I asked her if this was a diet ice cream she said give it a try and you decide so I did and I liked the flavor and the taste of the ice cream it is so good
Finally, delicious and low fat!
These are absolutely yummy! I love skinny cow ice creams as they don't skimp on the taste but they do leave out the guilt! Rich, creamy, a wonderful treat!
Skinny good
Omg these are great. To be low calorie and taste great is a hard find. These are not gritty and chalky like some ice cream bars "you know the school or hospital cafeteria type" these are great.

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