Slice® Large Scissors

4.9 5 0 97 97 Cut through tough materials like Kevlar-reinforced fabric with Slice®’s safety scissors. These rounded-tip scissors feature comfortable soft-touch grips and handles large enough for gloved hands. Their one-hundred-percent zirconium oxide blades are finger-friendly® for added safety and last up to 11 times longer than comparable steel blades. These BPA- and lead-free scissors are strong enough for adults and safe enough for kids to use. Chemically inert, oil-free, and non-rusting, the 60-millimeter blades of these lightweight scissors are easy to clean and require no maintenance.
Slice® Large Scissors


WOW! These scissor's are AMAZING! So comfortable to use and they cut so good. They're ceramic, nice light weight. These have to be the best scissors I have ever tried. I would recommend these to anyone who needs a new pair!
Great scissors
These are some great scissors. They cut great. They are made of ceramic; yet they cut better than you would think that they would. I used them to cut my hair with. I would highly recommend these scissors to everyone. I received these for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. Opinions are entirely my own.
Nice and sharp
These are great scissors. They cut through stuff really easily. They are lightweight and easy to open and close.
Slice scissors
These scissors are made of plastic and work really well. I don't have to worry about little ones hurting themselves and they cut really well.
The BEST!!!!
I received the large Slice ceramic scissors, and was stunned by just how exciting scissors could be, I've told everyone about them! So lightweight, and they just glide through whatever your cutting, I often use scissors for food prep, so I love that these won't rust and fall apart from just washing them good after use. Truly the best scissors out there, would love to even try their other products they offer, and look forward to doing so.
Slices away
Perfect grip and sharp as traditional steel scissors. Also safer and lighter. The grip is very nice on these scissors. They can also take some pretty tough cutting projects. I've been cutting some cardboard with them and they handled it well. I am happy with these scissors and I highly recommend them.
All I can say that this product is great it's sharp and easy to use very comfortable to hold in your hands and looks pretty cool as well
High quality scissors
I have used ceramic knives before and love how they cut very smoothly so I figured these scissors would be very similar and they were! They are very comfortable to hold for long periods of time or when cutting through thick items. The blades glide through almost any material effortlessly and leave a clean cut. Based on the material and fabrication of these scissors I can see these lasting a long time and believe they are priced accordingly. I highly recommend!
Sharp one
This is a sharp scissors.. I use it across my house for different purposes, it can also cut boxes which is awesome.. I also use it to open packages.. very handy to use.. definitely recommend it if you have heavy duty tasks around the house
Sharpe and safe!!
I'm really glad we got this product, I'm always trying to keep scissors around but since I have 3 kids those must be safe. And this ones are just perfect, the point is round and the blades are sharp. The metal won't rust and the handle is comfortable to use for long time projects. I definitely recommend this scissors!
Awesome stuff and I hope you have a great day
and I will give you a call when I get back to work help me out today and
Excellent Scissors
I never thought that I would say this about scissors, but Slice scissors are the most classy, sophisticated, gorgeous looking scissors. And they cut exceptionally well. The white piant with orange border makes them stand out and would hopefully prevent them from rusting. I love my new scissors. I would strongly recommend them.
I never thought I'd be excited over a pair of scissors but these are so fun to use. This is my first time trying ceramic blades and they glide across each other like glass. Very lightweight, safe, and easy to use. I've been using them for crafts and cutting yarn for crochet but also tried them on packaging and they cut thru it all effortlessly.
Slice scissors are safe and design
It is safe for kids, rust free and lightweight. It is harmless to touch and works well.Being a mother, I always take care about the safety of kids from sharp edges tools and this product has taken all my worries.
Very Good Scissors
I really like these Slice Large Scissors. They worked great, easily cutting paper, paperboard and plastic. Great for crafting. They are sharp and cut smoothly. The only thing that would make them better, in my opinion, would be longer cutting blades, but that is just my preference.

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