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Softsoap  Liquid Hand Soap Lavender Chamomile Pump
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Smells great
I love to keep a bottle of soft soap by my kitchen and bathroom sinks. I like that they have scents to go in the kitchen and they have scents that would be used in bathrooms. The scents are on point. They are inexpensive as well and you can usually find coupons in the Sunday ads.
Soft Soap
Soap has a nice fragrance. Pump dispenses right amount to avoid waste.
It cleans the paint off my hands from work and leaves them smelling amazing and makes them super soft
The smell is amazing!
The smell of this soap is amazing. Great bathroom soap the smell is more of a feminine smell but most scented soaps are but it’s not overly scented like a womans perfume. You should really give it a try.
Great product
Love the smell of this product and of course its my favorite color!
Feels good on my hands
Feels nice when I go to use this soap. It has a nice consistency, not too thick or thin. The scent is a nice bonus. Scent is soft and lingers after your skin is dry.
i love these guys not only is thate products cheap they smell good and the smell will last on your hands
Softsoap scentend handwash
This SoftWare, liquid hand soap is a cleansing,yet gentle hand washing experience. It's sudsy, antibacterial, fragrant,and moisturizing.I would recommend it.
Soft soap lavender scent .. I love this product i love smell the price, and the way it leaves my hands soft...
Soothing and smells great
This smells so good, cleans great and leaves my hands moist. Love it.
It's awesome and smells wonderful
I love the great price and it makes my skin really soft and it smells wonderful. I bought one for my daughter. You will not be disappointed
in love
in short im obsessed with this. love the smell. is the only hand soap i buy anymore/
Lavender is my favorite!
I really enjoyed this soap. I usually only use Softsoap brand and absolutely LOVE lavender scent. Only thing I could have hoped for was a little more of a lavender scent. But, loved it!
i have never used this before but i like lavender quite a lot in and around the house because of its clean fresh scent
Thank you for make a handsoap of lavender I really love lavender

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