Soothing Facial Mist With Rose Water

4.7 5 0 417 417 Made with Rose Water, this facial mist instantly hydrates and refreshes skin, even after makeup.
Soothing Facial Mist With Rose Water


Bought this as a way to refresh my skin but also set my makeup. I love this spray.
Very refreshing
Very refreshing rose mist. Feels good on my face and calming. Rose petals are known to have calming properties and I can feel it from the spray.
Rosy rosy
The best rose mist i ever tried .great for summer.smells great.
my go to in the summer
I buy smaller spray bottles and separate this. I put it in my purse, my beach bag, in the fridge for an instant cool down. This cools my face and I love the smell. I spray it on my face several times a day!
I definitely recommend this for dry or definitely sensitive skin. Rose water is great for this skin type. It's nourishment helps calm any inflammation or redness. I have had some great experiences with spray skincare products. It helps me to cool off and makes a good makeup fixer or set it actually as well.
Does the job
The product is exactly as explained. A basic rose water mist. Classic, smells like roses, refreshing on the face, great price. I really love how it feels on my face after a hot shower.
I love this spray. Not only can you get it at the store and not have to wait for shipping it actually works. I use it on the back on my hand and tap with my finger under my eyes during the day to improve my makeup look 9r just when I need a freshen up. Its really moisturizing and inexpensive
I love love love this spray! I will spray it on my face after I wash my face and throughout the day if I just need a refresh! It’s great when your just in the office and just need that refresh!
Love this
I really love Garnier soothing facial mist. I began using it just to use it to refreshen up my face when needed. I also use it as a setting spray. And my face actually does seem to be 'soothed'. It also has a nice light scent that goes away after drying. It's great for everyday use I carry mine in my purse I highly recommend at least trying it for yourself.
Clean & Fresh
I like clean and clear because it made my skin on my face feel soft and fresh and like the smell.
Perfect for on the go refresh
I really enjoyed this facial mist! It is relatively cheap in comparison to other products and it’s about as good! I’ve had better more expensive ones, but honestly this does the trick! You can refresh your natural face or refresh you make-up and it performs a pretty good job!
amazed by this
the smoothness and the quality it's amazing, and i would totally recommend it to every one
So Refreshing!
Leaves my face feeling refreshed! And it smells nice, not too strong. I like to use after I apply makeup to help set it or after I've been out in the sun, it feels nice on my face and really does hydrate my skin!
Face mist
I like this rose water face mist especially in the summer to refresh my skin with and without makeup.
This smelled of lightly scented roses. The smell was wonderful. However I didn't notice a change in my appearance after using it for a month. Maybe it is my skin type or maybe it just doe

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