4.5 5 0 24 24 Special Kitty Odor Control Fresh Scent Tight Clumping Litter is now available. This 99% dust free product is said to be suitable for multiple cat homes, provides 72 days of freshness, is formulated of safe and natural ingredients, and contains natural bentonite clay. Litter granules expand when wet and form clumps that will not break apart even during sifting, scooping or cat's scratching. Unlike ordinary cat litters, the liquid and solid waste in the litter box can be removed leaving a clean box with no waste, which means no odors. It retails in a recyclable 40-lb. box.
Special Kitty Odor Control Fresh Scent Tight Clumping Litter
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Excellent kitty litter
Very good value for the money. Works well. Controls odor. Easy to scoop. Love it and so does my cat.
Not the best clumper
Having 3 cats I go through alot of litter. This litter is OK as far as inexpensive litter goes. It has good odor control and does clump. But as I scoop the boxes the clumps don't hold together and fall apart. Defeating the purpose of having clumping litter. This is not a tight clumping litter. It does smell good though.
Best Bang For Your Buck
I have 2 older cats that seem to go the bathroom more frequently due to age. I was purchasing another brand that was higher in price for many years. The price of litter was taking a toll on my pocketbook especially after having to convert a storage tote into a makeshift litterbox. With age, Cats have a harder time squatting so I needed a higher back box to help with the issues my cats was having. With that being said I now have to use more litter to fill the tote. I just happen to be at our local store purchasing my higher dollar litter when I customer started telling me about this brand. Special Kitty was half the cost of what I was paying and you get double the litter. Put my name brand back and purchased this brand. Have been a dedicated buyer ever since! This is all I use now, clumps as it should while trapping the smell. Was very hesitant at first but I'm so glad I decided to try it. This doesn't break the bank and my cats love it.
Special kitty to the rescue
This product is everything i could want in kitty litter. Theres so many good things about it, how could you not at least try it, first the price is amazing for the 40lbs you get, second it last so much longer, great at clumping, dust free, the scent is fresh, just try it. 💖💖
Its a good product my cats didn't have any problems with the litter at all
Completely Clumps
This litter works great! It has odor protection and is less dusty!
Kitty littet
It works very well. And has a good value for the money. Would purchase it again.
Works purrfectly
Great litter at an affordable price. Clumps well and fights odors well.
Controls odor for less
I have tried every brand of cat litter on the market and I have always went back to Special Kitty. It simply keeps odors under control for much longer than the others and the price is outstanding.
Special Kitty
Pros: Fresh scent, works with multi cats, did clump Cons: Did dust, did not stay fresh for 72 days, Oder did show up within 30 days Summery: This litter is very dusty and it does NOT control odor in any way. Would not recommend.
Great product
This is definitely worth the money. I'm usually skeptical about odor control litter but this actually works!
Good product for the price!
Inexpensive and and good product for the price. I have multiple cats and feel it doesn’t work as well as some of the other brands in this area. But overall, it does the trick and I will buy again.
I have a beautiful cat in my apt and the erna is of very good quality there are no smells my favorite
Very good for the price!
I use to only use Tidy Cat, this is now my go too litter. With 3 cats this worked amazingly well and for the price, you really cannot beat it!
This was one of the best products I have ever tried. No one could tell I had a cat. It was last longing, which is very hard to find. I would not make any changes. I would recommend this to anyone.

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